10 Best Online Degrees for Humanitarians

10 Best Online Degrees for Humanitarians

In this article, we highlight the 10 best online degrees for humanitarians, and those passionate about service work in non-profit organizations.

Nearly every degree is useful in providing humanitarian aid. But some programs help secure immediate employment with large organizations, such as the Peace Corps. The top online degrees for humanitarians vary in focus and curriculum. Some humanitarian degrees cover topics in political science and law.  Others exclusively spotlight human services and aid.

Do you have a heart to serve others and a desire to work in non-profit organizations? The following online degrees for humanitarians may be a good fit. The list is designed to help assist you in your journey to find accredited online degree programs for humanitarians and aid workers.

Below is our list of the 10 best online degrees for humanitarians.

#10 – Bachelor’s in Political Science Online Degree

Humanitarians are needed in nearly every field, but especially in the areas of law and politics. An online Bachelor’s in Political Science is generally a first step in securing a humanitarian career. The program provides students with the skills needed to work in a democratic system and globalized political institutions. Online political science majors can land employment as advocates for those in need. Typical course topics include:

  • Comparative Politics
  • Environmental Politics
  • International Relations

Students can usually specialize in areas they are interested in, such as Humanitarian Relief and State Law & Government. An accredited online political science program offers one of the best degrees for humanitarians.

Examples of schools offering an online political science degree:

#9 – Bachelor’s in Sociology Online Degree

An online Bachelor’s in Sociology is the first step in pursuing a humanitarian career. Sociology covers broad based curriculum that includes such topics as:

  • Cultural and Social Diversity
  • Global Social Processes
  • Political Science and Government

Students dabble in various social issues. They learn new ways to synthesize and apply information related to social challenges. Online sociology students have opportunities to join online sociology clubs and organizations. This foundational degree is considered to be one of the best online degrees for humanitarians and those interested in providing human service in a non-profit organization. If your passion is understanding why people are organized or grouped in society, sociology studies will provide answers.

Examples of schools offering an online sociology degree:

#8 – Online Bachelor’s in Economics Degree

An online Bachelor’s in Economics provides a solid educational foundation for students passionate about working as humanitarians. Online economics degrees are accredited and nationally ranked. In today’s economy, education quality is critical.

Look at an online economics degree program with a humanitarian focus. Students explore theory and application of challenges and impacts on the economic environment. Typical coursework includes:

  • International Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences

Non-profit organizations look for candidates with a background in specialized areas of study, which includes economics. This is a social science, yet highly specialized program. It prepares students for work as non-profit:

  • administrators
  • managers
  • economic experts

These studies make economics one of the best online degrees for humanitarians.

Examples of schools offering an online economics degree:

#7 – Online Master’s in International Relations Degree

Is influencing the lives of people around the world is important to you? Then earning an online Master’s in International Relations is the first step. One of the best online degrees for humanitarians is a graduate degree in international relations. This degree is necessary for jobs in:

  • foreign policy
  • diplomatic relations
  • international affairs

Students will gain expert communication skills and hone their critical thinking abilities. The program offers various specializations, which include:

  • Global Health
  • International Security
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Sustainable International Development

Most online schools require a thesis or capstone project with a focus on local or regional policy issues.

Example schools offering an online international relations degree:

#6 – Women’s Studies Bachelor’s Online Degree

Career opportunities vary for those graduating with an online Bachelor’s in Women’s Studies. Versatility is what makes women’s studies one of the best online degrees for humanitarians. It’s especially relevant for  those with a passion for advocating women’s rights. Women’s studies provide an insightful foundation with powerful perspectives on freedom and empowerment. These areas include:

  • From education
  • healthcare
  • law

Required courses include such topics as:

  • Feminist Research Methods
  • Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • Women and Immigration
  • Transnational Feminisms

Non-profit and government agencies are always on the lookout for students with a background in women’s studies and a passion to advocate for those in need.

Examples of schools offering an online women’s studies degree:

#5 – Online Bachelor’s in Spanish Degree

An online Bachelor’s in Spanish is a top online degree for humanitarians. It provides global perspective while honing communication skills in a foreign language. Students can expect to study:

  • language acquisition
  • history
  • culture
  • politics associated with the region

Course topics include:

  • Global Civic Culture
  • Latin American Studies
  • Spanish Conversation

For those with a humanitarian bent, study abroad programs provide hands-on experience working with people in different cultures. Volunteer work is available for students who want experience in non-profit agencies and government organizations in a foreign country. The online Spanish degree is one of the best online degrees for humanitarians.

Examples of schools offering an online Spanish degree:

#4 – Online Bachelor’s in Social Work Degree

An online Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW) is one of the best online degrees for humanitarians because of the specialized training it offers. Social workers are needed for professional practice and humanitarian efforts. Students pursuing this degree can expect to receive online courses in:

  • Ethical Considerations in Social Work
  • Human Behavior and the Social Environment
  • Social Welfare Policy

Field practicums and required research projects give students an advantage when pursuing humanitarian careers. Most online social work programs, even at the undergraduate level, require this type of experience. The online Bachelor’s in Social Work is the perfect humanitarian aid degree.

Examples of schools offering an online social work degree:

#3 – Human Services Online Master’s Degree

An online Master’s in Human Services is considered to be one of the best online degrees for humanitarians. An online human services program provides advanced study. It also delves deep in coursework to equip students with theory and application as they prepare for a humanitarian career.

Learning outcomes for a human services program include the ability to assess funding and operating processes of non-profit organizations. It also helps students understand basic elements of project management in these organizations. Students can expect to cover topics such as:

  • Ethics for Human Services
  • Human Services Administration
  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Social and Cultural Diversity

Examples of schools offering an online human services degree:

#2 – Master’s in Public Health Online Degree

Bringing positive change to the public is what drives graduate students in public health. This makes the Master’s in Public Health one of the best online degrees for humanitarians. Grad students are able to turn their passion for communities into progress and action. They learn the latest tools and techniques needed to impact the public health of society.

An online Master’s in Public Health degree program offers service-oriented concentrations that are geared toward humanitarian efforts. Students take courses in:

  • Health Policy and Ethics
  • Public Health Services Administration
  • Social Contexts of Health Care

Typical online public health programs do not require residency and can be completed fully online.

Examples of schools offering an online public health degree:

#1 – Online Master’s in Human Rights Degree

For students who want to be the difference in today’s society, the online Master’s in Human Rights is the perfect degree. It is arguably one of the best online degrees for humanitarians. The online Human Rights Master’s degree prepares students to work as:

  • global leaders
  • innovators
  • advocacy specialists in human rights

Students will cover coursework such as:

  • Economic Development
  • Foreign Policy
  • Issues in Human Dignity

Most online Master’s in Human Rights programs provide students with more than thematic perspectives and theory. Students gain practical experience through internships. They also have opportunities to participate in fieldwork positions around the globe. Students graduate well prepared to work for nonprofits and other human services organizations.

Examples of schools offering an online human rights degree:

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