Bible Study Fun for Kids!

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bible-study-kids The Bible is a holy scripture based on the Christian religion. Did you know that the Bible is the best-selling book in all of human history? All over the world, people have read and cherished the scriptures and stories of the Bible. For parents who want their children brought up in a faith-based environment, teaching them about the Bible at an early age is key. Here is an online religious study guide for both teaching and learning about the Bible! Bible History

Bible Study Tools and Websites for Educators
  • Bible Dictionaries Online – A collection of dictionaries that include many different theological references and translations for the Bible.
  • Bible curriculum – An online study guide for the Bible. You can choose to learn by age group or purpose (family vs. church school.)
  • Bible Hub – A website dedicated solely to the study of the Bible. It includes search features to ready, study and even translate the Bible into many languages.
  • THE BAPTIST START PAGE – This website hosts a collection of Bible Study guides, audio readings of the Bible, dictionaries and reference works and a huge collection of Bible Commentaries.
  • Online Bible – Free downloadable software that allows you to find any scripture passage in the Bible.
Bible Studies and Sunday School Lesson Plans Sunday School Activities and Bible Games
  • Kids Enjoying Jesus – a wonderful collection of games and instructions for learning about the Bible.
  • Kids Sunday School – Bible based Sunday school games to help your kids learn about the Word of God.
Coloring Pages Devotional Websites, Hymns and Prayers

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