A Geek’s College Party Guide

Geek's Guide to Partying
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Sure, beer pong and pool parties are great, but Greeks have nothing on geeks. Here’s to building up your tolerance 3 ways only geeks can.



– Bomberman Ultra or a comparable multiplayer Ultraman
– Any supported game console
– Mario Party
– N64

How to Play

– Power ups set to advanced
– Power downs set to off
– If you die, take a drink of beer
– If you kill yourself, take a shot of sake
– If you get killed by the dangerous bomb, Sake Bomb!
– AND if you get killed by a landmine, take a sake shot, loser
– Last place at the end of a full game has to take a Sake Bomb!

Mario Party

– Any player that earns a “star” on a randomly placed “star space” on the game board has to make the other players chug a beer


– 4 Beer Glasses
– 4 Shot Glasses


– 1 bottle of sake
– Beer
– Japanese beer for Bomberman… because sake with Keystone is questionable, but Keystone + Mario Party = greatness
– Sake Bomber
– Glass half full of beer
– Drop shot glass of sake into beer
– For the Princesses:
– Fresh Peach Donkeys; call it “The Princess Peach”
– Attire *Optional* Dress as your favorite 8-bit character



– Scott Pilgrim Blu-ray
– 65 inch or greater flat screen with touch pad remote, High Speed HDMI Cable, and surround sound
– What do you mean, “why?” Why NOT?

How to Play

– Each drink is consumed after an ex is defeated.


– 4 Shot Glasses
– 2 Drinking Glasses
– 1 Double Shot Glass


Matthew Patel – The Fireball

– Spiced rum
– Top with Bacardi 151
– CAUTION: This shot is flammable and is extremely hard to extinguish. DO NOT IGNITE UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE of what you are doing.

Lucas Lee – The Grind

– Shot of Jagermeister
– Cup of Red Bull
– When Lucas Lee gets on the rail, drop the shot glass into the Red Bull, and chug. If you don’t finish it by the time he’s KO’d, start over.

Todd Ingram – Fair Trade Blend with Soy Milk

– 1 shot of Vodka
– 1 shot of Bailey’s
– 1 shot of Kahlua
– Mix in Silk Soy Milk. (Chocolate if you want it to look like Coffee)

Roxy Richter – The Sexy Phase

– 1/2 shot of Buttershots
– 1/2 shot of Bailey’s

Ken and Kyle Katayanagi – The Twin Dragons

– 1 shot Momokawa Diamond
– 1 shot Momokawa Pearl
– Layer the 2 in a double shot glass.

Gideon Gordon Graves – GGG Bomb

– 1/2 shot Grey Goose Vodka

Coke Zero

– For a non-alcoholic Scott Pilgrim-themed beverage and/or post-ex dominating hydration


– Garlic bread

Post-Movie Game

– Follow up with some all night Rock Band
– Any version for Xbox, PS3, or Wii
– Rock Band 2 “No Fail” is probably your best bet for fun after your college level beverages
– Attire Video game-themed T-shirts encouraged



– TV show/movies muted in background
– Soundtracks playing
– Klingon Conversation
– Star Trek Trivial Pursuit


– Samarian Sunset
– Fruity beverage of your choice
– Aldebaran Whiskey
– Whiskey
– Green Liquid
– Romulan Ale
– Equal parts vodka, triple sec, blue curacao, and lemonade
– Klingon Blood Wine
– 1 oz gold tequila
– 1 oz spiced rum
– 1 dash grenadine syrup
– 2 dashes Tabasco sauce
– Cranberry juice
– Luckily, Vulcans are impervious to alcohol
– Attire Trekkie costumes a must

Now go on and geek out your college glory days like a pro. And remember if at first you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0.

Geek's College Party Guide