Top 10 Degrees for Creative People 2021

Top 10 Degrees for Creative People

Now more than ever, creative people are becoming “creative” with their career paths. With a decline of print media opportunities, traditional careers involving advertising and editing are difficult to find. But in response, many creatives have moved toward unique forms of multimedia design and found work in virtual environments and emerging industries. These unique roles require a knack for thinking outside the box and beyond the cubicle walls. The following are ten degree programs for people interested in building a career out of their creative bent.

1. Graphic Design

Coming in at number one on our list of top 10 degrees for creative people is graphic design. Graphic designers engage in creating visual content for a variety of mediums such as websites, advertisements, magazines, packaging, logos, and more. They create not only the images but the layout as well. The degree is highly technical and teaches students computer software and applications used in digital creation. The degree allows for a lot of latitude in terms of industries as graphic designers are utilized in all types of occupations including private business, education, healthcare, trades, agriculture, retail, and more. This means individuals with graphic designers are able to work in an industry they enjoy.

Top programs:
Kent State University
Savannah College of Art and Design

2. Game Design

No longer just the domain of children, the video game industry has boomed into a $160 billion industry that crosses all age groups and genders. Due to the increase in console gaming and mobile phone gaming, game design is an excellent choice for creative individuals, as there is a strong demand for their skills. Moreover, they get to work on coming up with different types of creative content. Game designers create storylines, characters, animations, art, puzzles, and more. The degree combines both technical and storytelling creativity, which allows for a diversity of types of on the job assignments. The occupation requires a bachelor’s degree with courses in C++, Java, and Adobe Creative Suite.

Featured Programs

Top programs:
Full Sail University
Southern New Hampshire University

3. Creative Writing

Creative writing programs dive deep into the creative process within the context of writing through the investigation of literature and the creation of original stories. Students learn to write well and can use their skills in a variety of occupations. With the advent of media and entertainment creative ventures, students have access to more creative writing jobs than any time in history. Students specifically engage in the writing process as it applies to creativity. In addition to writing, students spend a lot of time analyzing and analyzing classic and modern literature by taking courses in American literature, British literature, and Transnational literature across a wide spectrum of genres.

Top programs:
University of Iowa
University of Massachusetts

4. Entrepreneurship

The business world is comprised of a lot of data and analytical decision-making, but entrepreneurs can only thrive and be successful when they mix business fundamentals with creativity and innovation. When it comes to creative marketing and product innovation, the creative process has always been applicable and critical to success in business. Whether it’s creating unique marketing and advertising plans, or finding and selecting innovative products, a degree in entrepreneurship can teach individuals to find success as a business owner. Courses may include web and application technology, marketing, public relations, and risk management. Both bachelor’s and master’s degrees are widely available in this major.

Featured Programs

Top programs:
Ashford University
Western Carolina University

5. Architecture

Most commonly a master’s program, a degree in architecture is an excellent choice for individuals who love to design and create functional and aesthetic structures and buildings. Architects work with clients from inception to creation in terms of the structures and buildings they design. These professionals work on a wide variance of structures with purposes such as work, entertainment, commerce, and learning. As such, architects spend time learning how to work with clients, as well as spending a lot of time in the design studio learning the design process. Master’s programs can vary greatly in their timeline to completion and take approximately 2-5 years.

Featured Programs

Top programs:
University of Maryland
University of Michigan

6. Communication

Communication is a broad field with several career paths for creative individuals. The purpose of a communication degree is to help organizations craft messages that create positive outcomes for purposes such as marketing, public relations, internal stakeholders, and more. An effective communicator has to be creative in the way they both develop and deliver communication through various mediums. Communication degrees are available at all levels from bachelor to PhD. Many organizations often cite effective written and oral communication as the number one desired trait in a candidate. Because of this, an individual with a communication degree can use it as leverage to stand out from other candidates. Courses may include public relations, marketing, public speaking, and storytelling.

Featured Programs

Top programs:
Arizona State University
University of Florida

7. Instructional Design

A master’s degree in instructional design is an excellent degree for creative individuals as it allows them to understand the concepts and skills needed to create effective learning and training systems, platforms, and curriculum. Instructional design degrees are both technical in nature but also teach students effective teaching and learning methods, which often have to do with innovative and creative instructional techniques to engage learners such as students, employees, and customers. Students take courses in assessment, computer science, curriculum development, design analysis, and instructional design. Degrees may be general or have more specific coursework that prepares the graduate for a career in design within the educational system.

Top programs:
Ashford University
Western Governor’s University

8. Marketing

Marketing has always been a great degree choice for creative people. Whether it’s a hilarious Super Bowl commercial or a viral video post, marketers with a creative flair are often responsible for their creation. With consumers being exposed to hundreds of marketing images every day, the need for creative ideas to sell products is at an all-time high. Marketing degrees teach a wide variety of subjects, such as consumer behavior, creative writing, digital design, ad campaigns, and social media marketing. In addition to learning marketing concepts, students are able to work on projects and develop marketing portfolios that can be shared with potential employers upon graduation.

Top programs:
University of Maryland Global Campus
University of Purdue Global

9. Film Studies

Film studies programs are an excellent option for creative individuals as they teach students how to interpret and analyze films from various cultural, visual, and technical perspectives. An undergraduate degree in film studies will prepare the graduate for an entry-level career in film, television, media, cinematography and more. With entertainment platforms increasing, film and television jobs may see an increase into the foreseeable future. The curriculum in a film studies program focuses on critical thinking, technical analysis, research, and expression. The coursework involves film and media from various time periods and genres and applies an interdisciplinary perspective that involves social science concepts.

Top programs:
New York University
University of Southern California

10. Literature

A degree in literature has long been a favorite among creative individuals. They spend much of their time analyzing and interpreting classic and modern literature using critical analysis. In addition to analyzing texts, students engage with various media forms such as public discourse and online media. As an interdisciplinary degree, coursework involves various analyses grounded in concepts and disciplines such as anthropology and culture, psychology, and sociology. Students also increase their creative capacity through the creation and development of original writings throughout their time in class. Students can pursue a wide variety of careers in communication, education, entertainment, writing, and much more.

Featured Programs

Top programs:
University of California Santa Cruz
University of New Hampshire

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This concludes our list of top 10 degrees for creative people.

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