Is an Online Health Administration Degree Worth It?

online health administration degree

A college degree is either an expense or an investment, and the major that you choose will determine which of the two your degree is. If you are interested in an occupation in Healthcare Administration, you may be wondering if earning your degree online in health administration online will be an investment or an expense. With virtually all occupation in the healthcare sector showing employment growth and a positive outlook, choosing the right online degree program to get formal training in the field is a wise investment. Read on and learn how to select a reputable degree program that will help you find a position in Health Administration.

Why is Healthcare Administration So Increasingly Popular?

Popularity in the marketing has grown in the recent years. With a growing population of Baby Boomers, new healthcare regulations changing the sector, and constant technological advances, it is no wonder why this occupation has become one of the most popular for students in health-related majors to pursue. A healthcare administrator plays a crucial role in a variety of different healthcare setting. From coordinating care and overseeing finances, to working with staff and implementing new procedures, the administrator carries a lot of responsibility.

What Will a Reputable Health Administration Training Program Teach?

In order to take on this responsibility, students need to possess knowledge that will prepare them for the sector as well as business management duties. In a field where employment growth is expected to reach 16 percent by 2018, candidates for any occupations in Healthcare Administration should possess the minimum of a Bachelor’s degree to compete. By enrolling in a reputable online degree program, students will learn about a wide range of different disciplines.

From human resources and finance, to healthcare mandates and privacy practices, the information covered will narrow the focus of disciplines to suit the healthcare sector. Without a Bachelor’s degree in HA, finding even an entry-level position in the field can be very difficult. More advanced degrees will also open up more advanced opportunities in upper level positions or as an executive.

How to Choose the Best Online Degree?

In the past, prospective students were hesitant to enroll in degree programs that were conducted entirely online. Now, with technologies in distance education becoming more effective, students can earn their degree in Health Administration without ever stepping foot on a college campus. There are several different colleges and universities that offer online programs. Some of these colleges are online institutions and others are schools with traditional options and distance options.

You should be sure to very that the program that you select is accredited by an agency that is recognized by the Department of Education. By choosing a school with this honored credential, you know that the program satisfies the standards set by the agency. Not all schools and not all programs are accredited and you should take the time to avoid programs that may not be recognized by graduate schools or by employers.

The average starting salary for an undergraduate professional in the field is $39,600, but this salary rises to nearly $58,000 once you gain experience and take on more responsibility. If you want to boost your earning potential in the future, you also have the option to earn your Master’s and get involved in Healthcare Management. Considering the cost of training, the salary ranges, and opportunities, and you can see that a degree in an investment.

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