What is the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics?

The only type of authentic credential that relates to professionals who focus on analytics in the hotel business is the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics, or CHIA. Gaining this certificate is recognition that a person is knowledgeable about and proficient in analyzing various aspects of the hotel industry. CHIA is the top certification aimed at undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in programs related to hospitality and tourism.

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Professionals in Hotel Industry Analytics

The training involved in obtaining hotel analytics certification is designed for those who wish to primarily become general managers, revenue managers, corporate staff members, travel and tourism professionals, and trainers or research staff. The organizations serving the hotel industry at which a certificate holder can usually find employment in this field of hotel analytics may include:

  • Hotels and Travel Organizations
  • Hotel Management Companies
  • Convention and/or Visitors’ Bureaus
  • Hotel Association Groups
  • Consultants
  • Appraisers
  • Financial Firms
  • Hotel-Associated Vendors

Objectives of Hotel Industry Analytics Certification

There are four core content areas integrated within the training and certification exam necessary to become fluent and certified in hotel analytics. The main goals of gaining CHIA status is to be able to analyze different types of hotel industry data. With that knowledge, candidates will then be able to make strategic inferences that are vital to the industry.

Those who are planning on obtaining CHIA will need to understand the following related core subject matter:

  • Foundations of Hotel Industry Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Hotel Math
  • Property Level Benchmarkmarking (STAR Reports)
  • Performance Reports

Understanding the players and affiliations within the hotel industry, such as the various chains, parent companies, management companies, and other associated hospitality resources is part of the foundation of this certificate. Exam-takers must know geographic and non-geographic categories within the worldwide hotel industry.

Hotel math fundamentals study the metrics used by the hotel industry. They include analyzing various sets of data related to the hotel business, such as property, competitive, and international issues data.

Property level benchmarking is related to STAR reports and how to analyze, identify, define, and monitor these reports on a monthly and/or weekly basis.

Performance reports include Ad-hoc, pipeline, HOST/profitability, destination, and trend reports.

Taking the Certificate Exam

The CHIA exam is taken online, administered by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), a global nonprofit organization interested in the professional excellence of those working in the hospitality industry. The examination is composed of 50 questions and has an attached fee of $75, though need-based scholarships are available. Those who score 70% or above are entitled to the CHIA designation and certificate. Additional retakes of the exam are permitted. If you are a professor or instructor, you may take the exam free of charge.

Obtaining this important certification can open the door to various career opportunities in the hospitality field. Upon successful completion of Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics, students may showcase the CHIA designation on their resume and business card.

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