What Is the Employment Outlook for Operations Management?

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If you’re considering a career in business management, perhaps you’re wondering what the future employment outlook for operations management is like. Will manager’s jobs be abundantly available in the future? Do any industries stand out as having a particularly bright future employment outlook? Let’s explore what the job market in upper-level business management will probably look like in the near future.

The Employment Outlook for Operations Managers in the Healthcare Industry

The future employment outlook for healthcare industry operations managers is particularly compelling. Analysts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are forecasting a staggering 20 percent increase in the number of medical managers that will be needed by the year 2026. For a college student who is considering a career in the field, there are a couple of fast-growing niches in healthcare administration that are worth considering. The first is operations administration of nursing care facilities. The second is operations administration in offices of health practitioners. Medical group practices are growing. They are growing because of their abilities to utilize emerging technologies and provide specialized care. Increasing numbers of managers will be needed in these types of facilities to ensure patients get the best possible care.

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The Employment Outlook for Operations Managers in Other Industries

Jobs for operations managers in most industries other than healthcare are expected to increase at a rate of about 9 percent by 2026. This means that analysts at the BLS expect to see approximately 205,900 new operations management jobs become available in the near future. They are making these projections based on the rapid expansion of many existing companies and the significant number of new startup operations that are forming. This will result in the need for increasing numbers of good managers.

How to Maximize Your Likelihood of Finding an Outstanding Job as an Operations Manager

Analysts at the BLS believe that operations managers who hold advanced degrees will have an edge in finding the best jobs in this field. If you’re interested in maximizing your opportunities as an operations manager, an MBA or similar graduate degree is likely to be a worthwhile investment. In the field of healthcare, managers with a graduate degree in the healthcare administration specialization will have better chances of successfully competing for the best jobs. Experience with healthcare-specific information technology systems will also help to distinguish candidates for these types of jobs. They also predict that candidates with extensive managerial experience will enjoy the best employment prospects in this field. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to gain supervisory experience early in your career. Applying for work as a management trainee working with a major corporation is an easy way to accomplish this goal. If you complete the company’s entire management training program, you will be likely to gain experience with most or all aspects of supervising employees including:
  • recruiting
  • evaluating
  • training and managing subordinates
New startups are forming. Emerging technologies are creating plentiful opportunities for new organizations to launch in the marketplace. It’s an exciting time to consider becoming an operations manager. Are you confident in your leadership abilities, communication skills and abilities to compete for the best jobs in this field?  Then it’s definitely worth training for a career in operations management right now.

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