Why Are Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Communications So Popular?  

There are many reasons why online bachelor’s degree programs in communications are popular. The education is versatile, but many degree programs allow students the opportunity to specialize in a field of interest. Graduates can choose from many different job opportunities, some of which have high median rates of pay. While the job outlook for some communications careers is less than positive, other careers in the field are experiencing considerable growth.

The Popularity of the Communications Major

Communications and related majors, like journalism, are popular programs of study year after year, according to U.S. News & World Report. In fact, six percent of all undergraduate students choose to pursue a degree in communications.

While there are many reasons why online bachelor’s degree programs in communications are popular, one reason it appeals to so many students is because the degree is so versatile. A big part of studying communications is learning to communicate effectively – and persuasively – in speech and in writing. While these skills are clearly essential for success in fields such as journalism and advertising, they’re also valuable assets no matter what industry you work for or what career path you pursue. The focus on developing soft skills makes the degree versatile and helps graduates impress even employers who aren’t looking for candidates with a communications degree specifically.

An Interesting Field of Study

Have you ever noticed how many books, television shows and movies focus on characters who work in the field of communications – reporters, news anchors and advertising executives, for example? If so, then you might already know another of the reasons why online bachelor’s degree programs in communications are popular. Studying media, persuasion and the art of effective communication is interesting.

Of course, some of the theories of communication or the technical aspects of media law might not strike you as particularly fascinating. However, you won’t only study the basics of communications. Many online bachelor’s degree programs in communications allow students to specialize in a concentration area like journalism, marketing, business communication, emerging media and public relations, according to U.S. News & World Report. Studying the aspects of communication that most appeal to you – whether that’s web design, social media, crisis communications or magazine article writing – really allows you to enjoy your education, and not just get through it.

A Wealth of Career Opportunities

The wide range of jobs available is another reason why online bachelor’s degree programs in communications are popular. Graduates of these programs work in fields such as advertising, journalism, marketing, public relations, education, nonprofit organizations, health care and government. They hold job titles that range from news correspondent to fundraising manager and editor to advertising manager. The median salaries for communications jobs can be well above the median wages for all occupations – and for some roles, earning potential can be as high as six-figure annual salaries.

If you’re considering a communications major, you’re in good company. The numerous reasons why online bachelor’s degree programs in communications are popular are all valid reasons to consider an education – and a career – in the field of communications.

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