4 Types of Bachelor’s in Engineering Degrees You Can Earn Online

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Engineering Degrees You Can Earn Online

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer and Software Engineering

If you’re interested in a career as an engineer, you should know that there are plenty of types of bachelor’s in engineering degrees you can earn online. Which engineering discipline you choose to study will determine not just what courses you take in college, but also what opportunities your future career will hold. Below you will find four of the best engineering disciplines you can study online.

1. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers deal with the design and manufacture of a wide variety of items, from small components to complex contraptions. The versatility of a mechanical engineering background makes this path one of the best types of bachelor’s in engineering degrees you can earn online. Core courses in online mechanical engineering programs often include fluid mechanics, static machine components and modern manufacturing practices. Mechanical engineers also need to be familiar with the principles of engineering as well as the basics of other engineering disciplines, which is why some programs require classes such as engineering foundations and fundamentals of electrical engineering.

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2. Industrial Engineering

You can think of industrial engineering as the application of engineering processes to business operations. Coursework in an industrial engineering program often includes classes in operations research, industrial management, production and inventory control and simulations of industrial engineering systems. Often, students can choose from academic concentrations or tracks such as statistics, supply chain management, manufacturing and business administration.

3. Electrical Engineering

Another type of bachelor’s in engineering degrees you can earn online is electrical engineering. In fact, electrical engineering is one of the most popular undergraduate majors among online students, according to U.S. News & World Report. Students in online electrical engineering programs often take classes such as electronic circuits and systems, technical communications for electrical engineers, electronics, electrical engineering fundamentals, measurements and instrumentation, energy conversion processes and systems and programming for electrical engineers.

4. Computer and Software Engineering

Computer and software engineering programs can take many forms. For example, Baker College offers a fully-online program in mobile application software engineering. Bellevue University is known for its Online Bachelor’s in Software Development. Colorado Technical University offers an online Bachelor’s in Information Technology – Software Systems Engineering program. These degree options each have different focuses, but they all combine engineering principles and applications with computer and software functions. Courses in programming, information technology, database management, systems analysis, design and software engineering are common.

Of course, these four types of bachelor’s in engineering degrees you can earn online aren’t the only options. Among the most affordable options are programs in civil engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering and other engineering disciplines. With schools increasing their online offerings, distance learning students may have even more undergraduate engineering options in the future. However, regardless of what specific major you choose, each of these types of bachelor’s in engineering degrees that you can earn online can help you move forward with your career goals.

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