5 Benefits of an Online Master’s Degree in Nursing

Advantages of Online Master’s in Nursing Degrees

  • Access to More Graduate Nursing Programs
  • Complete Program from Any Location
  • More Flexibility
  • More Affordable
  • Better Networking

There are many benefits to earning an online master’s degree in nursing. Nursing graduate programs are often very competitive, which makes earning the degree online a good choice. Nursing school is a full-time commitment when you’re earning a degree on campus. Online master’s in nursing programs offer you more free time to not just study but also work or fulfill other obligations you may have. Here are a few of the many benefits of an online master’s degree in nursing.

1. Access to More Graduate Nursing Programs

Traditionally, nursing students were limited to what nursing schools they could attend, and this usually depended on location. Unless they wanted to drive a great distance or live away from home, they only had a few nursing schools to choose from. Online nursing students are able to pick and choose from many nursing schools located throughout the United States. This is also advantageous for nursing students who wish to specialize in certain areas of nursing. You can research online nursing schools and choose the one that best meets your career goals. You can base your choice on ranking rather than location.

2. Complete Program from Any Location

Before online master’s in nursing programs, aspiring nursing students were forced to travel a long distance to attend classes every day. Or they had to move to the city where the college is located. Students in an online nursing program can complete most of their courses over the internet from almost any location. They can do assignments from home, a friend’s house or even while on vacation.

If they do have to travel to the campus, it’s usually only a couple of times. Any clinical rotations that may be required can be completed in the student’s hometown.

3. More Flexibility

Flexibility is probably one of the largest benefits of an online master’s in nursing program, according to EveryNurse.org. Nursing students are able to log into the school site from any location. They’re also able to continue to meet other obligations, such as:

  • family
  • children’s events
  • work

Students in an on-campus program generally attend school full time. This doesn’t leave much time for anything  else. Online master’s in nursing programs allow students to fit their studies around their other obligations. With more time on their hands, students can spend more time studying and pursuing the career opportunities that interest them.

4. More Affordable

Colleges are very expensive. In fact, the cost is often the main reason why people choose not to go to college. Even with financial aid, the cost of college is in the thousands of dollars. Loans needs to be repaid. Nursing students who attend college on campus have to pay not only lodging and travel expenses but also tuition fees, which are usually so much per credit. If they choose to attend a college in another state, they have to pay out-of-state tuition, which is higher. Online students may still have to pay tuition, but they are spared the cost of traveling and lodging.

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5. Better Networking

Students in an on-campus program are around a lot of other nursing students every day. But they’re often too busy attending classes to actually socialize and get to know each other. Online students can network with other online nursing students from the comfort of their homes. They also communicate through:

  • message boards
  • emails
  • virtual classrooms

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that RNs should see a job growth of 15% during the decade of 2016-2026. Earning an online master’s in nursing degree allows you to study at your convenience.

Aspiring nursing professionals often find that one of the main benefits of an online master’s in nursing degree is the flexibility it offers while still providing them with a great education.

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