5 Economic Sociology Careers

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Five Great Careers Involving Economic Sociology

  • Social Sciences Writer
  • Brand Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Professor
  • Foreign Affairs Specialist
Economic sociology careers involve working with:
  • perception
  • opinion
  • customers
  • purchase-driving choices
If you’re interested in working in this unique blend of sciences in a single vocation, there are many opportunities in economic sociology. The following five roles represent a basic idea of what this field is all about .

1. Social Sciences Writer

Social sciences writers write about social sciences issues. They do this for any number of clients or employers. They must put substantial time and energy into research and planning ahead of any kind of such writing work. These professionals may then find their work published in any number of venues. They also may simply be made available to a select group of people. Topics often covered by these particular writers include:
  • emerging social issues
  • matters of science application in social issues
  • psychological theory
  • cultural comparisons, and more.

2. Brand Manager

Another unique profession built around economic sociology is that of brand manager. A company’s brand is essentially its image as maintained through:
  • symbols
  • advertising
  • slogans
  • visual prompts
  • unique products, and more
The manager of the brand takes the helm where it involves brand management or altering it. Understanding how brand and image relates to the greater economic sociology of communities is paramount to company success.

3. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts comb consumer markets for clues to purchasing opinions, emerging cultural norms, and more. By doing so, they can then work with other professionals use this information for company longevity and profitability. By gathering consumer sentiments in this way, companies can truly understand their target markets. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites this particular career as having an astounding growth rate of around 23% over the coming years.

4. Professor

Anyone who enjoys teaching and helping others to grow and learn may be suited well to work as a college professor. Professors:
  • teach classes
  • plan courses
  • work with other college staff, and more
As a professor teaching in areas of economic sociology, you might teach a single course consistently or even several different courses. Courses can often include:
  • sociology
  • psychology
  • behavioral theory
  • consumer analytics
  • consumer trends
  • economics, and others

5. Community Development Specialist

Community development specialists focus on creating and fostering new communities and healthy norms. They work with environments and cultures within them. This position is often part of the community relations and outreach arm of medium to large-sized companies. This work often focuses on matters of infrastructure and public works. However, the Community Development Specialist is also concerned with   the areas of:
  • the economy
  • psychology
  • community health
All these and more are utilized throughout the planning and building process. Economic sociology figures out exactly how the consumer feels and reacts and then uses that data for company gain. Without this area of expertise, many companies might live and die based on whimsy and luck than the use of resource and will. The five above-mentioned economic sociology careers are just a few examples of the many vocational options rapidly emerging in this industry right now.

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