5 Fascinating Careers In Travel For History Majors

Travel Careers for History Majors

  • Writer
  • Archeologist
  • Photographer
  • Curator
  • Historian

Studying history can make anyone excited for a life-long career of research that involves exploration.  That’s why there are many travel careers for a history degree. These types of jobs allow flexibility to conduct observations while gaining first-hand knowledge of specialized topics. They will also satisfy the need for adventure and the love of history.

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1. Writer

There is a range of writing jobs suitable for a history major and most allow plenty of travel. Historical novels may take some field research. Biographies and non-fiction might require travel for interviews. A job with a newspaper or magazine fits history majors. These organizations seek graduates who know how to investigate and report the facts. Freelancing is another option, which allows complete freedom to travel for a story or even pleasure.

2. Professor

Getting a Ph.D. in History can be an exciting opportunity to travel. Teaching positions are available around the world. Plus, colleges expect research publications during tenures, so professors often travel to find sources. A sabbatical can also be taken in order to complete side projects. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary is $82,900, which includes summers off in most cases. This allows for vacation time to travel and explore.

3. Photographer

Most people do not think of a photographer as being a history student, but capturing moments on camera is part of historical record keeping. Whether you do it as a freelancer or a staff member of a media outlet, photography is one of the most fascinating travel jobs. Using the cultural knowledge you acquired from a history degree can help you recognize important events that should be documented. These photos can be priceless and can contribute to fact checking or be paired with articles or books on the topic.

4. Curator

Museums all over the globe seek talented curators to catalog, store, and provide research to artifacts and historical documents. This type of job is versatile and can allow a lot of traveling to:

  • conferences
  • media interviews
  • exhibitions

Many companies and entertainment venues use curators to fact-check time periods to ensure accuracy. This gives curators an opportunity to travel to sites for consultations. Certain artifacts may also be rented to other museums or institutions, which the curator will coordinate.

5. Historian

The most basic yet most flexible traveling career for history majors is the title of historian. This can involve many career options, but they all require specialization and current knowledge of topics in the field. Historians can travel for consultations to movie and TV show sets. They can do their own research for articles or novels. Another type of historian may travel for preservation reasons to ensure landmarks stay intact. It can also be used as a generic term that is used for :

  • professors
  • archivists
  • similar educational careers

These career paths are for those who never want to stop learning. They require a sense of intrigue in other cultures as well as a discipline for independent research. A history degree may seem like a desk job, but it is actually one of the most interesting travel careers.

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