5 Healthcare Degrees You Can Earn Online

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Online Healthcare Degrees

  • Online Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management or Healthcare Administration
  • Online Bachelor’s in Public Health
  • Online Master’s in Public Health
  • Online Master’s in Healthcare Administration
  • Online Master’s in Nursing

You may not be able to become a surgeon from the comfort of your living room, but there are plenty of healthcare roles that you can prepare for by earning an online college degree. These five options are great starting points for students who need flexibility in their education. They’re also ranked among the 50 best online degree programs.

1. Online Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management or Healthcare Administration

Healthcare managers don’t diagnose and treat patients. But they do play an important behind-the-scenes role coordinating and planning health services.

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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics,they oversee:

  • finances
  • work schedules
  • record keeping
  • compliance with rules and regulations
  • the use of resources

Students in undergraduate degree programs in healthcare management or healthcare administration study:

  • accounting and finance
  • leadership and planning
  • law and ethics
  • health information systems
  • hospital organization
  • human resources.

2. Online Bachelor’s in Public Health

If you want more career options from your degree, consider an education in public health. Like healthcare management, this degree path can prepare you for a career in administration. However, a public health background can also prepare you for a community educator or research position. In a public health degree program, you’ll learn about health education through coursework in both theory and case studies. You will also take courses in science and grant writing.

3. Online Master’s in Public Health

Who says your online education has to stop at the bachelor’s level? If you’re looking to advance in the field of public health, a master’s degree can help you reach your potential. Earning a master’s degree in public health typically takes two years of full-time study. It includes a thesis or practicum as part of the graduation requirements. By the time you complete the degree program, you’ll have the knowledge and qualifications to make important decisions in the field of public health.

4. Online Master’s in Healthcare Administration

Experienced healthcare managers and administrators can also benefit from an online education. Distance learning master’s programs in healthcare administration can prepare you for an executive role in the field. You’ll cultivate your leadership skills. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to make high-level plans and decisions in aspects of business like financial management and human resources. You’ll also increase your earning potential – perhaps by as much as $16,000. This is compared to the salary of professionals with just a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management.

5. Online Master’s in Nursing

If you’re looking for a healthcare career that allows you to work directly with patients, then nursing may be the best online degree path for you. There are online nursing degree programs at various levels. But it’s at the master’s level that the degree makes the 50 best online programs list. A master’s degree can put registered nurses on the path to advanced roles like:

  • nurse practitioner
  • nurse anesthetist
  • nurse midwife.
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