5 High-Paying Careers for Sociology Majors

Top-Paying Sociology Careers

  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Human Resources Representative
  • Training and Development Specialist
  • Social Services Manager
  • Social Scientist

Careers for sociology majors are ideal if you enjoy studying human behavior in a variety of environments. Both undergraduate and graduate students of sociology qualify for a broad range of career opportunities. These include occupations in such sectors as :

  • community services
  • business, education
  • research

There are several sociology careers in these sectors that offer excellent salaries as well, and some of the best-paying options are described below.

1. Public Relations Specialist

Public relations is is an area that many businesses use to strengthen customer relationships and create positive brand images. Public relations experts maintain positive images of their employers by:

  • designing various PR programs
  • crafting attractive and stimulating press releases
  • and managing their employers’ social media sites

Sociology majors who choose this career must have excellent writing and communication skills.

2. Human Resources Representative

Other great careers for sociology majors are those involving human resources. Persons who choose this occupation must also have good communication skills. Human resources representatives identify the workforce needs of their employers and match potential candidates with job openings. Other common duties include:

  • interviewing applicants
  • resolving conflicts within the company
  • evaluating the effectiveness of training programs.

3. Training and Development Specialist

Sociology careers associated with training and developing employees are terrific options for graduates who have an eye for detail. Persons in this field examine existing training and development programs to determine if any changes are needed. When changes would benefit their employers’ companies, training and development specialists:

  • design these changes
  • make recommendations of these changes to managers
  • implement them if they are approved.

4. Social Services Manager

Social Service Managers are often referred to as community services managers. They work hard to ensure that individuals in a community receive any assistance they may need. Graduates who opt for one of these sociology major careers should:

  • be highly empathetic
  • have exceptional communication skills
  • be knowledgeable of the beliefs and practices of various cultures.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the median yearly salary for social services managers in 2017 was $64,100.

5. Social Scientist

Sociology majors who enjoy researching social issues pertaining to organizations or society might  consider careers as social scientists. Social scientists examine all aspects of society, including both past and current events. Most social scientists specialize in one of a variety of disciplines such as:

  • linguistics
  • social work
  • anthropology
  • economics

They can be found working in a variety of settings including:

  • higher education facilities
  • large businesses
  • government organizations
  • research centers.

Sociology graduates often enjoy a broad range of exciting career opportunities today. Many of them offer excellent salaries and benefit packages. While the possibilities are numerous, five of the best-paying careers for sociology majors are described above.

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