The 5 Highest Paying Jobs with Sociology Degree

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Sociology is a social science that focuses on human social relationships. Sociology majors study human social behavior and interaction. They learn about different aspects of culture seen in everyday life. But what can you do with a sociology major? With a degree in sociology, you can find work in different industries. From education to government, sociologists fill positions in many different places. If you want a job in sociology that pays well, you need to do your research and find the right kind of sociology major. Salaries for sociology majors vary as much as the jobs do. But with a sociology degree you can find high paying sociology careers. Read on to find out how much do sociology majors make and which are the highest paying jobs with sociology degree. An image of a job search for our list of The 5 Highest Paying Jobs With Sociology Degree

High Paying Sociology Jobs

Some of the best sociology jobs offer strong wages and career advancement. But you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in sociology to land a high-paying job in the field. Here are five best jobs for sociology degree students listed in alphabetical order.

1. Human Resource Manager

A sociology degree can land you a job in human resources. HR jobs with a sociology degree offer good wages and job growth. It is one of the highest paying sociology jobs. But sociology graduates should be experts in human behavior. To do this, you need a degree in sociology. Most HR workers with a degree in sociology work their way up from a representative to a specialist. With at least five years of experience you can move into a manager position.

Job Duties

As a human resources manager, your job duties include:
  • Interviewing applicants
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training programs
  • Resolving conflicts within the company
  • Setting up training programs
To do these tasks, sociology majors should have good communication skills. Sociology graduates also need proven leadership skills. If this sounds like you, consider a job in human resources as a human resource manager. A human resource manager is one of the highest paying jobs with sociology degree.

Median Annual Wage: $126,230/year

2. Public Relations Specialist

Public relations is an area that many businesses use to strengthen customer relationships. PR specialists create positive brand images. They do this by crafting press releases. They also manage employer websites and social media outlets. You can put your degree in sociology to work in public relations as a public relations specialist. But you’ll need more than an associate degree. A public relations specialist needs a bachelor’s degree to enter the occupation. Some employers may ask for a master’s degree. But an undergraduate degree is a good place to start.

Required Courses

In a bachelor’s degree in sociology program, you take courses such as:
  • Personality and social systems
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Research methods
Sociology majors who choose this career should also have excellent writing and communication skills. If you can intern with a market research or PR firm in college, it can help you find work. Internships alongside market research analysts help you gain experience in the field. You can put the experience on your resumé to help it stand out as you find jobs with a sociology degree.

Median Annual Wage: $62,800/year

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3. Social and Political Scientist

One of the highest paying sociology jobs is a social or political scientist. People in these roles enjoy researching social issues within organizations and society. They are researchers and thinkers. They come up with theories by looking at past and current events.

Specializations for Sociology Majors

Most social scientists specialize in a single discipline. They are experts in:
  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Linguistics
  • Social work
Sociology majors find work at colleges and other higher education facilities. These organizations offer some of the highest paying sociology jobs. They can also go to work in government organizations and large businesses as market research analysts. Any place hiring research scientists hires social scientists. But how do you become a social scientist? You need more than an associate’s degree to land a job in this research position. But you can earn your sociology degree online, as long as it’s a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Most social scientists have more than an associate degree. They have graduate sociology degrees. They also have experience conducting research projects since they conduct research on the job.

Median Annual Wage: $122,510/year

4. Social Services Manager

Social service managers work in community service. They manage and lead staff who provide services to those in need of them.

People You Serve

They work with different populations of people such as the:
  • Aging
  • Disabled
  • Homeless
  • Mentally ill
The people they assist face different social challenges. The job is challenging but rewarding. But to do the job, you need empathy, excellent communication skills, and knowledge. In a college or university setting, you can learn different skills that help you qualify for a sociology degree job. They take classes in political science and behavioral science. They study data analysis and conduct research. They learn how to perform sociological research. These classes teach students what they need to work in the field. A sociology bachelor’s degree is a good place to start on your career path in social services or other behavioral sciences.

Median Annual Wage: $74,000/year

5. Training and Development Specialist

Are you a natural leader? Love teaching others how to do something? Training and development specialists spend their days working on programs that improve the skills of their employees.

Job Duties

On the job, you give presentations. You also work with others. You lead a team of people in training activities. The salary for sociology degree programs that lead to training and development specialist jobs is favorable. And if you love teaching others, this job might fit your career goals. You should have at least a bachelor’s degree in sociology to get a job as a training specialist. You should also have good communication and computer skills. You can find sociology programs at online colleges.

Median Annual Wage: $61,570/year

Other High-Paying Jobs for the Sociology Graduate

  • Community service manager
  • Management consultant
  • Market research analyst
  • Mental health counselor
  • Survey researcher
  • Urban and regional planner

Low-Paying Sociology Degree Jobs

  • Community health worker
  • Community outreach advocate
  • Counseling services specialist
  • Entry-level market research analyst
  • Guidance counselors
  • Probation officer
  • Social workers
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Frequently Asked Questions About a Degree in Sociology

Looking for a job as a social worker? Want to find a job where training employees is your main duty? Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about jobs with a sociology degree requirement.

Are jobs in sociology in demand?

Yes. Job growth in sociology is favorable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports jobs in this field grow at an above-average rate. You should see this growth over the next ten years. It’s a good time to find jobs with a sociology requirement. Top jobs in sociology include human resources and social workers. With the right sociology degrees you can find work in any industry.

Can I get a sociology degree online?

You can! Many online programs exist that let you earn a degree in sociology while balancing other obligations. If you want a sociology degree but want the flexibility of online learning, look for accredited programs that meet your education goals. You can verify your program’s credentials at a planning accreditation board online. Good paying jobs are out there. You don’t have to earn a traditional degree in sociology to get one.

Do I need a degree in sociology to work as a mental health counselor?

You can be a therapist with a degree in sociology, but you will need further education. To work as a counselor–a guidance counselor or drug and alcohol addiction counselor–you need a master’s degree. Most mental health counselors have a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. A guidance counselor also has a graduate degree.

How long does a degree in sociology take?

Your undergraduate studies take between three and four years to complete. But the highest paying sociology jobs look for candidates with a master’s degree. To become a mental health counselor, you need an advanced degree. This takes two years to complete after your undergraduate studies. Depending on your career path, plan on at least four years in college studying behavioral sciences and sociology.

Should I get a master’s in sociology?

The answer to this question depends on what job you plan to get. Jobs with a sociology degree requirement sometimes ask for a master’s degree. Work as a market research analyst and other local and central government jobs require a graduate degree. Social worker jobs also ask for a master’s degree. But you can find work without. An associate sociology degree qualifies you for entry-level jobs. You can get experience and move into leadership roles. While having a master’s helps, it won’t disqualify you from all jobs with a sociology requirement. Even if you only have an associate degree.

What is the average sociology bachelor’s degree salary?

Jobs with a sociology degree salary that is above-average want candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree. But with this degree in sociology comes earnings over $60,000/year. And if you have experience, you will earn even more. Management jobs in this field offer six-figure salaries. Other jobs also offer good wages. And if a sociology major salary is important to you, earn a specialization in an area that will improve your earnings potential. You can improve your employment outlook by studying additional areas.
  • Criminal justice
  • Ethnic relations
  • Financial assistance
  • Human behavior
  • Human resources
  • Mental health services
  • Urban and regional planners services
You can also earn certifications that grow your knowledge in areas like:
  • Internal and external relations
  • Labor statistics and research
  • Managing employee benefits
  • Social science research methods
  • Sustainable and profitable future studies
  • Writing favorable press releases

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What are good sociology jobs right out of college?

You can find work after you graduate from college as a sociology major. If your resumé shows you have strong organizational skills and knowledge developing strategies, it will stand out. Popular jobs in the field include:
  • Community service manager
  • Project manager
  • Specialist in labor statistics
  • Survey researcher
  • Urban and regional planner
The list above also contains some of the highest paying jobs in this field.

What other fields can I go into with a degree in sociology?

You can find work in different fields besides sociology. Sure, a sociology degree can open doors to some of the highest paying sociology jobs, but there are other jobs outside the field. If you are interested in economics, this field hires students with a degree in sociology. Law firms also hire students with a sociology degree. You can also find work in advertising firms and private businesses. A degree in sociology gives you different career choices. Some of the highest paying jobs aren’t in sociology. But a sociology degree can help you qualify for these roles. But if you’re interested in putting your degree in sociology to work, you can land one of the highest paying sociology jobs with a degree and experience.

Will I need experience to get good paying jobs in sociology?

Most management jobs want experience. Social worker jobs, too. So, if you can intern during your college years, you should. Some employers look at an advanced sociology degrees as two years of work experience. Without experience, you can work your way up the ladder. Several assistant positions can benefit your career. You can start out as an assistant and later move into community service managers jobs. You can also take on a role as a project manager after you assist with practical demonstrations and other events. Volunteer work also counts as experience. You can get sociology degree jobs by volunteering with a private research fund. You can also land a job by volunteering for a market research analyst firm. The point is that a little experience goes a long way in the field of sociology. Sociology degrees can lead to rewarding careers. And with a sociology degree, you can find some of the highest paying jobs in the field.

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