High Paying Electrical Engineering Jobs

best electrical engineering jobs

Electrical Engineering Jobs

  • Principal Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Distribution Designer
  • Aerospace Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Project Engineer
  • Electrical Control Engineer

There are several types of electrical engineering jobs and electrical engineering internships out there after completing your engineering education. These jobs provide you with the perfect platform to improve the lives of people using the skills and knowledge you have garnered as an electrical engineer. Not to mention, they enable you to benefit from a wide range of opportunities for growth as well as lucrative salaries.

Whether you wish to design and develop electronic equipment, work with power generation equipment, work with computer hardware engineers, manage radar and navigation systems, or simply work as an engineering technician, there are many options for electrical and electronic engineers.

Here is a roundup of the top five careers you could pursue as a graduate in electrical engineering along with job type and job description.

Principal Electrical Engineer

Principal electrical engineers are individuals with extensive experience and knowledge of the electrical facets of design and construction. They oversee the design of electrical components and review interfaces with other engineers at a construction site to ensure the best engineering practices. They also conduct electrical engineering research, address maintenance issues, and inspect electrical distribution systems. Principal electrical engineers usually work outdoors to inspect projects and give instructions. Sometimes they spend time in office settings analyzing data and preparing presentations. They earn an average salary of $124,272 per year. The salary ranges between $101,663 and $173,390 per year.

Electrical Distribution Designer

Electrical distribution designers prepare in detail the electrical distribution systems plan within a facility. Their specific duties include preparing drawings, field notes, estimates, and specifications of the distribution systems and designing construction orders related to the facility. They also do power calculations and apply the standards and guidelines of their clients when developing the final design of the distribution system. Electrical distribution designers often work in office settings alongside other engineers. They may sometimes travel to visit the site where they will install the distribution system. They earn an average salary of $90,286 per year. The salary ranges from $42,514 to $120,286.

Aerospace Electrical Engineer

Aerospace electrical engineers design, develop, test, and maintain the function and performance of aircraft, spaceships, satellites, missiles, and weapon systems. They apply the principles of electrical and electronic engineering to create various electrical components and support systems in these types of machinery. They research and develop new specifications using various CAD software and take part in flight test programs. They also modify electrical designs to improve safety and performance. Electrical aerospace engineers earn an average salary of $78,231 per year. Their salary ranges between $59,391 and $136, 411.

Electrical Project Engineer

Electrical project engineers are responsible for the development and execution of projects commissioned by electrical distribution and transmission companies. They develop the objectives of the project, design project phases and elements, and assign personnel to those phases and elements. They conduct tests to confirm the performance of the project, maintain the project schedule, and control project costs. They develop the plan of the project by analyzing design, specifications, and schedule. Electrical project engineers earn an average salary of $77,769 per year, with the pay ranging from $51,717 to $102,262.

Electrical Control Engineer

Electrical control engineers are responsible for ensuring that electrical systems in a facility are working efficiently and predictably. In order to do this, electrical control engineers design and develop electrical systems of different complexities. They do research, test, and analyze the design procedure for these systems in relation to the function of the elements used to assemble them. If need be, they may alter these systems to ensure they function in a safer and productive manner. Electrical control engineers earn an average salary of $72,173 per year. The salary ranges between $61,123 and $106,478.

If you want to specialize in electrical engineering, there is a wide variety of careers to choose from. The electrical engineering jobs discussed above will give you the perfect opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge you have gained in college as well as increase your earning potential significantly.

$100k+ Electrical Engineering Jobs

Any job seeker ready to enter the field in any job type will be happy to know that a degree in electrical engineering is valuable. According to Ladders.com, there are 15 companies regularly hiring electrical engineers with salaries of $100,000 per year or more.

A wide variety of companies in various industries employ electrical engineers in many different positions. Electrical engineers are needed in nearly every field and business sector. Not all electrical engineers do the same type of work or even similar jobs. Application engineers may do jobs vastly different than research engineers or power engineers. The field is extremely broad and entry level jobs pay well. As your career advances, you may become a senior electrical engineer, which is the goal of most electrical engineering students as the financial rewards can be great.

Job Alert: These are the companies that are hiring the most electrical engineers and offering top pay for the work:

1. Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
2. Northrop Grumman
3. Docusign
4. Spectrum
5. Stryker Corporation
6. LGS Innovation
7. Micron Technology
8. ManTech International
9. The Aerospace Corporation
10. Johnson & Johnson
11. DISH Network
12. IBM
13. Siemens
14. Raytheon
15. CGI Group

Look into any of these companies and browse jobs that are available. Many of these companies post jobs on social media. Check their job ads for the job description of positions offered.

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