5 Podcasts for Accountants

Top 5 Podcasts for Accountants

  • Accounting Play Podcast: Learn Accounting
  • Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg
  • The Xero Gravity
  • THRIVEal Podcasts
  • Cloud Stories
Listening to podcasts for accountants is an easy way to expand your knowledge and make the most of your time. You can listen to podcasts:
  • during your commute
  • while you exercise
  • while you clean up around the house
Give one or more of these top five podcasts for accountants a listen.

1. Accounting Play Podcast: Learn Accounting

This podcast features John Gillingham, CPA. He takes you through a wide variety of accounting topics. If you are a new accountant, this is the podcast for you. It is also helpful for niche accountants who want a general overview of other practice areas. There are introductory lessons on accounting and basics on industry topics such as C-corporations and financial statements. The podcasts cover:
  • debts
  • credits
  • creditors
  • LIFO
  • FIFO
  • equity and more.

2. Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

Accounting Best Practices created by Steve Bragg has been downloaded 2 million times. This podcast explores the best practices of all types of accounting methods and procedures. Some of the topics covered include:
  • accounting technology
  • payroll
  • metrics
It also explores:
  • accounting standards
  • acquisitions
  • closing the books on a company
You can also listen to topics such as handling auditors and advising management. Steve Bragg has an informal speaking style and has written many accounting books.

3. The Xero Gravity

The Xero Gravity podcast is geared toward CPAs who work for small businesses, but it could benefit any accountant. Its hosts are Gene Marks and Elizabeth Ue. They interview small business owners and their accountants. Some areas of interest explored in the podcast include how to boost income and the importance of a work-life balance. The hosts interview authors and small business owners. Many of the recordings have a focus on how to make a small business thrive and best practices for the finances of small businesses.

4. THRIVEal Podcasts

The THRIVEal Podcasts aim to help accountants find a community of professionals in their communities and around the world. It’s hosted by Greg Kyte and Jason Blumer. It offers a humorous take on what is typically seen as a rather dry subject matter. They discuss topics such as:
  • innovation in public accounting
  • the advancement of accounting technology
  • accounting rules and regulations
  • accounting in the news
Kyte and Blumer interview people from around the USA and discuss advancements and the future of accounting. Related Resource: 30 Best Online Bachelor’s in Accounting

5. Cloud Stories

Cloud Stories is a sort of niche podcast for accountants who are interested or use Xero. It’s hosted by Xero advisor Heather Smith. This podcast explores topics such as how to make the most of the Xero platform and all of the features of the Xero ecosystem. Smith is the editor of Xero for Dummies. She discusses everything from an introduction to Xero to advanced topics. The podcast also includes discussions with:
  • Xero innovators
  • developers
  • end users
  • solution providers.
Each of these five podcasts for accountants offers:
  • motivation
  • inspiration
  • updates about accounting and professional development
These podcasts include stories, experiences and research from accounting professionals like you. Listen to one or more of these podcasts for accountants to keep up with industry news and other information that could give your career a boost.

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