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Degree Programs at the Indiana Institute of Technology

Indiana Institute of Technology appears in our ranking of the 30 Best Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs at Private Colleges.

The Indiana Institute of Technology offers 13 Associate of Science (AS) programs for undergrads interested in online programs and traditional tracks. In the AS in Business Administration program, students can choose concentrations in production management or general management. A similar program is available in accounting. Students in the criminal justice program can either take classes on-campus at night and on weekends or online. There is also a general studies major for transfer students and those who may want to earn a bachelor’s from the institute later. Information technology, web design, and recreation management are some of the other majors available for AS students.

High school students can enroll in an Indiana Institute of Technology program at the beginning of their junior years. The institute allows them to take online classes that work around their high school schedules but also offers traditional enrollment for those who want to get the full college experience. They have full access to all the on-campus resources, including the Career Center and Fitness Center. They can complete an AS degree by the time they finish high school.

Those students and others can earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) from the institute in fields such as computer science, criminal justice, organizational leadership, graphic design, web development or software engineering. Web development majors study computer programing languages and learn how to format and design sites that include text, videos, and images. In the software engineering major, students focus on creating software and programs that help people do different things. This is available with an emphasis on systems or gaming, which allows students to design video games and phone apps. Recreation therapy, energy engineering, business administration, biomedical engineering, and accounting are some of the other undergraduate majors available from the institute.

Students can choose from graduate and doctoral programs too. There is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program that includes concentrations in accounting, engineering, health care management, human resources, project management, and general management. Through the organizational leadership program, students learn about group dynamics and the methods of organizing and leading small groups. A Master of Science in Psychology program includes classes on industrial and organizational psychology. The school now offers a doctoral degree in global leadership too.

About the Indiana Institute of Technology

The Indiana Institute of Technology is a private university established in 1930 to offer practical training to students and workers in northeastern Indiana. Founded by the former president of the Indiana Business College, it opened the following year and became a nonprofit college in 1948. When Concordia Senior College moved to a new campus in 1953, the institute took over that campus. This gave students more than 20 acres that they could explore as well as land for the institute to grow. Known as Indiana Technical College for many years, it became Indiana Institute of Technology in 1963 and adopted the nickname Indiana Tech.

This fully accredited university now offers classes through five departments, including the College of Business and the School of Computer Science. Though some know the institute for its technology programs, students can study business, education, psychology, and other subjects too. Indiana Tech has an enrollment of more than 9,600 students, including the nontraditional students in its evening, weekend and online programs.

Indiana Institute of Technology Accreditation Details

The electrical, mechanical and other engineering programs available at Indiana Tech have accreditation from the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET), which also accredited the computer science program. Education majors can enroll in programs accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The institute also has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which is the accreditation required of students applying for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Indiana Institute of Technology Application Requirements

At Indiana Tech, undergrads can apply online and submit their required documents online or through the mail. Those documents include a standardized test score and an official high school transcript. The institute looks for students who completed the curriculum designed by the state for college students, which includes two to four years of math, science, social studies, foreign language, and English classes. Students need to meet the same requirements when they apply to an online program too.

Both graduate and doctoral students need to meet similar requirements. They need a bachelor’s degree to enroll in a graduate program and both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree to start a doctoral program. The institute has an online application that they can use and asks that they send in their transcripts. Some programs may ask for a standardized test score such as a GRE score, letters of recommendation, writing samples or a personal statement too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of attendance at Indiana Tech depends on how many classes students take and how or where they take those classes. Traditional undergrads pay $530 per credit hour for part-time enrollment or $13,495 per semester for full-time enrollment, which lets them take a maximum of 18 credits before they pay any other fees. Students pay $225 each semester for fees and $1,872 for health insurance if they need it. Room and board packages are also available for $9,260 or more every year.

Adult students pay $426 per credit hour in an engineering program and $404 per credit hour in any other program. Students enrolled in a graduate program as an adult learner will pay $515 per credit hour in most programs and $557 per credit hour in an engineering program. The institute charges the same rates for both graduate students and adult learners. Those enrolled in a doctoral program will pay $866 per credit hour.

Students qualify for financial aid based on the information shown on the FAFSA and their applications. Indiana Tech merit scholarships give students $4,500 to $13,000 each year and base awards on their grades and standardized test scores. Several regional scholarships go to students from different parts of Indiana. There are full-tuition scholarships available as well as grants, loans and work-study. Graduate and doctoral students can qualify for government and private scholarships and aid from the institute. The Indiana Institute of Technology offers financial aid packages for students who submit the FAFSA and apply to a degree program before the semester starts.

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