Ten iPad Apps All Legal Professionals Should Have

In today’s wide world of apps, there are so many great purposes and app subjects to be found. From professionals to hobbyists, there’s truly something for everyone. Here, we take a look at some legal apps – those that are ideal for the working and aspiring legal professional. These are our current, top-ten iPad apps specifically for legal professionals.


1. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a highly useful tool for the on-the-go legal professional. Attend and setup meetings from anywhere, and even give presentations, all from this one tool. Additional benefits include interactive brainstorming with onscreen whiteboard, one-button meeting attendance, file sharing abilities, and more.

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2. Dropbox

Dropbox is an all-inclusive media storage and sharing application. With Dropbox, users can share pictures, videos, documents, and more via the app’s allocation system. Aside from deep sharing abilities, free sign-up comes with a complimentary 2GB of cloud storage. Say goodbye to huge attachments and traditional sharing inconveniences with Dropbox.



3. Fastcase

Fastcase is the legal professional’s dream, providing free and complete access to the Fastcase law library and legal research system. Users can research everything from precedents to state and federal statutes. If you need to be able to cite a similar case on a moment’s notice, this app can be immensely helpful.



4. Penultimate

Those looking for a simple yet trustworthy legal notepad app will probably find themselves quite at home with Penultimate. Penultimate serves very simply as digital tablet in which you can draw, write, make notes, or calculations. And this app requires no pen or paper whatsoever.



5. Square Register

Want to be able to quickly swipe credit cards from the convenience of your iPad? Square Register, the app, combined with the Square Reader, creates a secure new way to offer a point of purchase and legally swipe for payment anywhere, anytime. Everything needed to get started is free.



6. TrialPad

Lit Software’s TrialPad is quite the crowd-pleaser in the legal professional world. TrialPad allows the user to virtually organize their courtroom case presentations and approaches, all within an easy-to-use and sensible system. Export and import charts, graphs, pictures, and presentation data as you get ready for the big case.



7. iAnnotate

iAnnotate is the digital masterpiece of digital document annotation made easy. Import a document, make notes – annotate it, and save. Share the document with others and get their input on the situation via their counter-notes. Professionals and students of all capacities find bliss in iAnnotate.



8. iJuror

iJuror is the ultimate jury-handling tool, top-rated in its class of similar apps. From the beginnings of jury selection to a single juror’s ongoing disposition and importance to the case, iJuror gives the user the ability to track and get management advice on all things “jury.” Even the most tenured counsel can encounter learning experiences in the long term pattern analyses of their cases.



9. Quick Office Pro HD

Similar to the well-known Office suites for PC, Quick Office Pro HD is the modern equivalent for the iPad. Create colorful presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and more. Save, load, import, and export with the freedom of ample, older Microsoft file compatibilities.


MerriamWebsterDictionaryThesaurus HDIpad

10. Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus HD

Sometimes, even with the help of the very best writing software, there is no substitute for the brilliance and intuitive abilities of human lingual expression. With this quick and easy-to-use dictionary and thesaurus combination app from Merriam-Webster, the sky is the limit.

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