Top 10 iPhone Apps for Communication on the College Campus

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In college, the need to communicate amongst peers and network can be an undeniably great one. Whether it’s for the purpose of finding peers to study with, comparing notes, or even just socializing, peer-to-peer communication in this college arena is virtually necessary. Here are 10 of the top iPhone apps for such peer-to-peer communication and networking needs.


Featured Programs

1. is an app that provides a central location from which one can maintain a website containing any and all pertinent social links. Users can provide visitors to their site with information such as biography, locations, interests, and links to social media accounts; all controlled via



2. Evernote Hello

In college, as in many other realms, it can eventually become difficult to remember all of your contacts, how you met them, the significance of each particular contact, and so on. To aid in this problem, Evernote developed and put out Evernote Hello. With this app, users can easily keep track of all things “contacts.”



3. ScanBizCards

When networking and meeting different people, business cards are often the preferred media to be physically exchanged. With ScanBizCards, by ScanBiz Mobile Solutions, you can seamlessly transfer all of these cards into digital format. Transcription is provided as well as address book importation, two-side abilities, note-taking options, and more.



4. Bump

With Bump, two people can physically touch their iPhones together and it turn , share everything from contact information, to videos, music, and more. Bump is a complete device synchronization app and has proven itself quite valuable in helping busy students keep up with each other.



5. Faround

Faround is a fun, interactive, social app that lets the user know about everything and every place around them. Use Faround to discover a new diner nearby that you never knew of before. Then use it to get the local buzz about the establishment, see what others say, and provide your own critique upon visiting. The events and locations covered are seemingly endless.



6. Got A Job Magazine

Looking for a job in today’s economy?  Got A Job Magazine is the source you need to help you  find a job, change a jobs, get a raise, updating your resume, dealing with recruiters, or get that much deserved promotion at your current job.  You will find cutting edge tips and tricks in this magazine that will give you an edge over everyone else.



7. Let’s Date: fun & easy social dating

Let’s Date takes away all the nervousness of dating.  This 100% free site is a convenient way for you to connect and meet really cool new people.  You just create your own Dater Card by logging into Facebook, browse other Dater Cards, click “Let’s Date” on the daters you like.  It’s that easy!



8. Keek

As described by Forbes, Keek could best be described as a pleasant combination of Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. This social app is all about telling stories and sharing experiences via video clips. Users enjoy unlimited uploads, instant sharing to other popular networks, a top-100 leader-board, and more with this fun, video-based social app.



9. Viber

Students and classmates are just a small group that can benefit greatly from the offerings of Viber Media Inc’s Viber. Similar to Skype, Viber provides users with everything needed to make video phone calls, chat, leave messages, and more. This highly useful, worldwide app employs HD sound, up to 40-participant groups, location sharing, and file sharing so you can even stay in-touch with the family back home.



10. Kik Messenger

For those who thrive on a simple, messenger system, Kik Messenger is just that. Easy to use, organized, and fast, Kik Messenger is simply a great messenger program with over 50 million registered users.

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