Top 30 Communications Blogs of 2013

top-30-communicationsCommunications is a nebulous and often frustrating field for newcomers. The task of communication is more difficult than many first understand. Since business depends on the ability to communicate with customers, investors, the press, bosses, and employees, the opportunities for specialists in communications are many. This article lists thirty of the foremost blogs in the communications industry, six in each of five categories consisting of Public Relations, Journalism, Market Research, News, and General Communications. Each blog provides the reader with unique insight into its particular field, and these blogs will be helpful not only in aiding prospective communications professionals find their focus, but also in providing tips, techniques, and strategies that will be helpful to making a strong start in your field of choice.

Public Relations

1. Spin Sucks is a public relations and marketing professional development resource. The blog seeks to eliminate destructive spin from the field. The hope is to rehabilitate the reputation of Public Relations and focus industry professionals on positive and constructive techniques.
Highlight: The Best of the Least Engaged Brands on Twitter

2. PR in Your Pajamas is a light hearted look at Public Relations from an industry veteran. Elena Verlee is dedicated to imparting to her readers the knowledge gained during her 2+ decades in the industry.
Highlight: 5 Elements of Strategic Public Relations

3. PR Blog is a public relations strategy blog focused on helping readers leverage new technologies to their fullest potential in the PR industry. The blog covers everything from effectively using social media, to the best ways of effectively dividing tasks and responsibilities.
HighlightWho Should Own Content Marketing in Your Organization?

4. PR-Squared is the blog of an internationally celebrated Social Media and Public Relations innovator. Todd Defren digs into numbers and research to determine the optimal ways to maximize social networking and other high impact technologies.
Highlight: Did You Know that 70% of Facebook Users are Mobile?

5. The Flack analyzes emerging trends among multiple industries such as Politics, Journalism, Entertainment, Technology, and Social Media. The blog examines the actions of the titans in these industries and seeks to understand the implications of the strategies and methods they employ, while also evaluating the effectiveness of those strategies and methods based on the intent.
Highlight: The Shifty Press Release


7. Journerdism is the blog of self described nerd Will Sullivan. The blog features content on how journalism is affected by emerging technologies, and also features analysis and commentary on tech news.
Highlight: Spring and the Blossoming of Multimedia Skills

8. Megan Taylor is a freelance web developer and journalist. Her blog features commentary and analysis on the technological aspects of journalism. From tutorials to help budding freelances understand web design principles, to describing how to fully utilize technologies such as twitter as an independent freelance journalist, there’s something for every journalist here.
Highlight: My Ideal Twitter Client

9. BuzzMachine is the blog of Jeff Jarvis, journalism professor and author. Buzz Machine features analysis and commentary on current events in journalism and a critical view of the field as a whole.
Highlight: Apologies

10. Common Sense Journalism is all about reminding journalists of the basics. The blogger’s point of view is that journalism is a great profession, and easier than many make it out to be, as long as journalists use common sense in their reporting.
Highlight: Using the “Marathon” Hashtag to Promote a Golf Tournament?

11. Digidave is a blog with a strong point of view; “journalism is a process, not a product” is the tagline of the blog. The blog offers an entrepreneurial perspective on journalism, as Dave Cohn who has written for many publications, is also an entrepreneur.
Highlight: The Emotional Highs and Lows of a Startup

12. Jon Slattery is a freelance UK journalist. His blog features commentary on journalism and major issues taking place in the United Kingdom.
Highlight: Quotes of the Week: From a Fond Farewell for Ferguson to Burchill on the Joy of Punctuation

Market Research

13. Pew Research Center provides research, commentary and analysis invaluable to those in the Market Research field. The center’s research and analysis efforts are extensive and cover a wide range of subjects.
Highlight: In Time for Graduation Season, a Look at Student Debt

14. iMedia Connection is a marketing blog devoted to strengthening the online marketing community. The site features news, analysis and commentary on various trends and innovations in the marketing industry, including market research.
Highlight: How Parenting has Taught me to Appreciate Market Research

15. Next Gen Market Research is about transcending Market Research by leveraging the full potential of the information gathering associated with the field. The blogger is Tom H. C. Anderson, the founder of Anderson Analytics and well known Market Research innovator.
Highlight: Text Analytics with Six Sigma

16. Blog | is run by Frank Gilbane, known widely in the marketing community for his seminars and conferences. His blog deals with many aspects of marketing, but the gathering and interpreting of information is a central theme running through his blog.
Highlight: Customer Experiences, Communications, and Analytics

17. MarketingExperiments Blog is devoted to innovation in marketing. The blog’s writers conduct and report on experimental, innovative techniques throughout the field, including market research techniques.
Highlight: Web Usability: People don’t Need Many Options, they Need the Right Options

18. w5 Insight examines emerging trends in marketing and market research with the goal of helping readers sift through the marketing morass to find the strategies that actually work, and the information they need.
Highlight: Robots and Drones: The Future of MR?

News Blogs

19. The Huffington Post is one of the most successful news blogs on the internet. The pieces are almost always opinion pieces, and the site stands as a great example of the market for opinion based news blogging on the internet.
Highlight: AP Phone Records Seized By Justice Department As War On Leaks Continues

20. NPR’s The Two Way brings the level headed NPR tone to the internet. Don’t look here for sensationalized opinion pieces on controversial subjects designed to generate traffic. Instead this blog demonstrates that there is still a place on the internet for the classic journalist’s approach.
Highlight: Poll: Americans Split Over Benghazi Issue

21. The Raw Story offers both real opinion journalism along with coverage of the best of news satire. The blog strays from the “fair and balanced” approach in favor of the belief that there is room for a strong progressive point of view in opinion journalism. Highlight: Installment Loans Trap Low Income Borrowers with 182% Interest Rates

22. National Geographic’s News Watch focuses on publishing news regarding science, nature, and cultural news instead of current events and politics.
Highlight: Serious Space Station Leak Provokes Weekend Spacewalk

23. Reuters | Analysis and Opinion Blogs features contributing bloggers from the top echelon of a wide variety of professions and perspectives. The opinion and analysis pieces take a measured look at the most important news of the day.
Highlight: Poor Little Rich Kids

24. Blogs at the New York Daily News is an example of the major players in print journalism recognizing the legitimacy and importance of the online market. Bloggers on major news sites often consist of major figures in print and television journalism, but many bloggers that gain a wide following on the internet through their personal efforts are also brought in to the fold.
Highlight: A Short Story You Can Lick: New Irish Stamp Features Young Dubliner’s Creative Writing

Communications Blogs

25. The Communication Blog focuses on interpersonal communication. The blog focuses primarily on public speaking and interview communication techniques designed to help readers become effective public speakers.
Highlight: Conversational Empathy

26. SuzeMuse blogger Susan Murphy takes a hard look at social media tactics, examining what works, what doesn’t, and why some actions end up being wildly succesful for some, an not others. The internet is a place of incredible potential, but just because something works wonderfully once, doesn’t mean it ever will again.
Highlight: Stop Lurking. Start Participating.

27. Strategic Communications strives to provide insight on communications strategies to non-profit, education, and healthcare organizations. Many such organizations live and die by their ability to communicate with stakeholders and employees, yet lack an understanding of how to do so effectively from their position as non-profit organizations.
Highlight: Is Social Media Advertising or PR?-Duh!

28. Presentation Zen is all about creating and executing high impact presentations. From utilizing technology effectively, to knowing when and how to engage the audience on a personal level, Presentation Zen examines the art of effective presentation from all angles.
Highlight: No Excuse for Boring an Audience: Advice on Giving Technical Presentations

29. The EAT Blog is all about communicating effectively with your customers. The EAT (Evolve and Transcend) Blog is an extension of Evolve and Transcend’s website where they expound upon strategies for authentic communication through the creation of personable, quality user experiences.
Highlight: Can We Have a Difficult Conversation, Please?

30. Joyful Public Speaking (from fear to joy) is a blog devoted to helping readers overcome the all too common fear of public speaking.
Highlight: Don’t Use Official Language!

Top 30 Law Blogs of 2013

top-30-lawThere is no aspect of life that is not affected by Law, and, by extension, the legal system. The field is broad and the roles are many. From legal assistants to paralegals to lawyers, legal professionals are responsible for helping individuals and corporations navigate the complex legal system.

This is a list of thirty of the most prominent law blogs. The list spans many fields and specialties. The blogs included will be useful to any legal professional in a given field, or curious about a field in which they do not yet specialize.

Best Law Blogs

1. China Law Blog is a business law blog that deals with the intricacies of doing business with and in China. Whether a company seeks to export to China, or to outsource labor there, this blog is a great resource for keeping up to date with Chinese business law.
Highlight: Think you have a China Trademark or a China Company? Think again.

2. The Volokh Conspiracy is a group blog primarily featuring posts from its law professor bloggers. The blog deals mostly with current subject matter from an academic point of view.
Highlight: A Constitutional Law Lesson For Steve Benan

3. iPhone J.D. deals with technology from a legal point of view. From helping lawyers secure their phones (and the important information accessed through them) against attacks, to highlighting the newest useful apps and tech tools for lawyers.
Highlight: Protecting Your iPhone with Two Step Verification

4. Employment Law Group Whistleblower Blog features updates on current cases involving whistle-blowers and the laws pertaining to them. The blog’s focus is on keeping its readers apprised on the constant evolution in law regarding the ins and outs of blowing the whistle, including what’s legal and what’s not concerning the actions of both the whistle-blower and the other interests involved.
Highlight: Federal Jury Awards Whistleblower $3.5 Million in Alaska Retaliation Case

5. SCOTUSblog is the law blog reader’s go-to source for news and information about all things involving the Supreme Court of the United States. The blog provides analysis of major current and future cases and decisions.
Highlight: The Plan B Pill Dispute Explained

6. Lawyerist is all about the ins and outs of life as a lawyer. From avoiding accidentally giving legal advice, to covering emerging trends in the law world, such as blogging itself. The goal of the site is to help legal professionals navigate sometimes treacherous waters.
Highlight: Removed by Editor

7. Law Insider is all about the business side of the legal field. The blog explores various opportunities for jumping into new and potentially lucrative fields, and talks about the intricacies of interactions between businesses and fields such as biology and the ethics of patenting human DNA.
Highlight: Should Researchers and Scientists Be Able to Claim Human DNA as Their Intellectual Property?

8. Lessig is the blog of Lawrence Lessig, considered one of the most influential minds in legal academia. He blogs about issues that sit at the crossroads of law and technology, often dealing with modern copyright law. He is a copyright reform advocate and sits on the advisory panel of Creative Commons.
Highlight: The Continuing Debate Over the @aaronsw Prosecution

9. Startup Lawyer is the blog of Ryan Roberts, who specializes in serving entreprenuers and their startups by providing them legal services. The blog is a forum for him to discuss some of his insights on the finer points of business law as it applies to new companies.
Highlight: Price Cap Liquidation Preference Windfall Regulators

10. Ms. J.D. is the blog of a non-profit, non-partisan organization that shares its name and is dedicated to helping women in legal professions achieve their full potential while improving their overall experience.
Highlight: A Life Outside Law School–The Secret to OCI

11. IPWatchdog is a premier source for coverage of the intellectual property realm. The blog covers the emerging intricacies of intellectual property law from all angles.
Highlight: Software Patentes: Drafting for Litigation and a Global Economy.

12. Law Professor Blog Network features blog posts from a variety of law professors on their specialties and law academia in general. The site features posts directly on the site as well as links to posts by members on other sites and personal sites.
Highlight: Allocating Antitrust Risk in M&A Agreements

13. Althouse conveniently allows readers to access a version of the blog that features only law posts instead of both law and personal posts. The blog focuses on covering current events from a legal perspective.
Highlight: Judge Rips Obama’s Right Wing Plan B Stance

14. Lawyernomics features commentary and analysis on the subject of  legal practice marketing and other economic issues. The site features breakdowns of the most effective and efficient ways to grow a legal practice or law firm as well as providing new lawyers and legal professionals with advice about the best ways to make money in the field.
Highlight: How do People Find and Hire Attorneys?

15. Simple Justice is the blog of a New York criminal defense attorney. The blog’s content features his musings on the criminal justice legal system, and turns its eye on current cases to use as examples.
Highlight: The Passion of Prosecutors

16. Rainmaker Lawyer is all about how to make money in the legal field and how to reach your full potential. The blog is primarily focused on marketing–how to attract the best clients.
Highlight: Law Firms Trying to Win the Marketing Lottery

17. Blog Law Blog deals with current events from a legal perspective. The blog primarily features interesting stories with more of a local or smaller perspective that get ignored by larger media sources.
Highlight: Revising the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

18. NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog is devoted to following and analyzing current trends in regard to gun control law, specifically the laws involving gun trusts. Gun trusts are legal entities set up often times by gun owners to ensure their ability to responsibly share firearms and pass them down to family.
Highlight: Can my Friends and I Use the Same Gun Trust to Share Firearms?

19. Removed by Editor
20. Non Profit Law Blog strives to help educate non-profit organizations and the lawyers representing them on the intricacies of the unique sets of laws governing non-profits.
Highlight: Nonprofit Social Enterprises

21. Cybercrime Review is a blog focusing on the intricacies of laws dealing with technology and the internet. The blog seeks to bring the analytical gaze of legal professionals and start trying to find answers to some of the most pressing questions in modern society.
Highlight: Removed by Editor

22. Law Practice Tips is the blog of Jim Calloway and it is focused on providing legal professionals working in or owning law practices useful tips for success.
Highlight: The Basics of the Lawyer’s iPad

23. Construction Law Musings deals with the many legal issues faced by construction companies and their lawyers. The blog also provides commentary and analysis on emerging legal trends, and changes in construction law.
Highlight: How to Win Big in the Construction Industry

24. Overlawyered is a CATO Institute blog that takes a critical look at the legal system and seeks to demonstrate how it costs much more than it needs to, and should be refined to cut down on costs.
Highlight: The High, High Cost of the Jones Act

25.  Geeks and a Law Blog focuses on examining the environment and culture of large law firms, and providing its readers with ideas as to how one might survive such a competitive environment.
Highlight: Are You Doing it for the Firm, or for the Club?

26. Concurring Opinions is a collaborative blog featuring posts from a variety of contributors on legal topics. The blog has regular contributors but also features guest contributors from time to time.
Highlight: Debating the Shareholder Value Myth

27. Sentencing Law and Policy focuses on providing readers with commentary and analysis on existing and potential sentencing law. The Blog also provides readers with critical analysis of ineffective or outdated sentencing practices.
Highlight: Florida Tries to Speed up Executions as Maryland and Other States Repeal Death Penalty

28. The Legal Satyricon takes a sometimes lighthearted, often irreverent and satyrical look at legal matters. With a world full of many serious legal blogs, this may be a welcome change of pace for many.
Highlight: The New Victorians Strike Campus Yet Again

29. Legal Theory Blog takes an analytic eye to the theory on which modern law is based. The scope of the blog is broad and features commentary on subjects as wide ranging as legal issues in globalization to Hindu concepts of justice.
Highlight: Goldmann on Public and Private Authority and Global Governance

30. Point of Law features critical analysis and commentary directed at the Litigation system in the United States. The blog is sponsored by the Center for Legal Policy at the Manhattan Institute and features articles and discussions from some of the most important minds in legal scholarship.
Highlight: House Judiciary Establishes Bi-Partisan Task Force to Take on Overcriminalization

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