10 Best Online Degrees for Hippies

10 Best Online Degrees for Hippies

In this article, we list the 10 best online degrees for hippies. Today’s hippie college student is similar, yet different, from those of the free loving seventies. The word hippy used to be synonymous with laziness and slackery. But not today’s hippy. Contemporary hippy college students are a hybrid mix of activist, preservationist, and hipster. Most hippies are smart, influential, and ready to fight for what they believe.

We’ve compiled a list of the best online degrees for hippies. Because, today’s hippy generation still wants their freedom to work on their own clock – but work, they will. Today’s hippy student wants to follow their dreams while exploring their passions. They are smart, innovative, and extremely creative.

Below is a list of the 10 best online degrees for hippies. These hippie college majors range in subject matter, from environmental science to philosophy, and are the perfect fit for the contemporary hippy.

#10 – Online Biology Degree

Earning an online biology degree provides leads to various career choices. Students majoring in biology gain a solid understanding of how organisms work at the cellular level and the overall study of life. This foundational science gives students a background in science that is required for careers in animal studies, environmental health, public health, and other health and science related fields. Biology is one of the best college degrees for hippies because it allows students to study off the beaten path. While seminars and labs may take place indoors, required courses, like ecology and marine biology, are offered in the field.

Example schools offering an online biology degree:

#9 – Environmental Studies Online Degree

Many well-known hippie colleges and universities offer degrees in environmental studies. Those passionate about preservation and conservation enjoy the topics covered in environmental studies courses. Students learn about the health, impacts, and cycles of ecosystems, while delving deep into biology and human studies. Students dreaming of a career in conservation or the protection of nature get a lot out of an environmental studies degree. Completion of the program leads to jobs in forestry, risk management, and wildlife preservation. Students can expect to cover curriculum topics such as Environment and Ecosystems Principles, Human Health and Disease, and Occupational Health and Safety. Environmental studies is one of the best online degrees for hippies.

Example schools offering an online environmental studies degree:

#8 – English Online Degree

What makes an English degree one of the best online degrees to get for hippies? In one word – versatility. An English degree covers a broad base of studies and, as a result, opens doors to many career opportunities. Students can expect to read and analyze literature from different time periods, study linguistics, and even explore their creative writing ability. Students gain a strong insight into the proper use of the English language, and dissecting communication from past centuries. An online English degree prepares students for careers in administration, human resource, teaching, and specialized fields like library science. The undergraduate degree can even open the door to graduate schools, such as law and medicine.

Example schools offering an online English degree:

#7 – Online Philosophy Degree

Hippies in the 1970s often attended college in search of the truth. Today’s hippie may not be all that different, but time has changed. A hippie student, like any college student in 2015, wants flexibility. That’s why online colleges see enrollment increasing. Many online colleges offer the same courses they do in their brick-and-mortars. The online Philosophy degree is a top choice degree for hippies because of the flexible scheduling offered and course focus. Today’s hippies can proclaim, “I think, therefore I am,” behind the keyboard and in the comfort of their own home. Online philosophy programs explore life’s biggest questions and help students hone their writing and critical thinking skills. Philosophy is one of the best online degrees for hippies in search of the truth – no matter what it is.

Example schools offering an online philosophy degree:

#6 – Women’s Studies Online Degree

You don’t have to be a woman to study women’s studies online. Today’s feminist males are pursuing this traditionally female degree program. Majoring in women’s studies provides a deep understanding of women’s rights and how to improve and empower marginalized groups in our communities. Women’s studies is offered at some of the best hippie colleges in the United States, making it one of the best online degrees for hippies and hipsters alike. Students pursuing this online degree can expect to take courses in health, psychology, and social sciences, and cover topics that explore women’s realities as related to each area of study.

Example schools offering an online women’s studies degree:

#5 – History Online Degree

An online history degree program covers more than dates and facts from the past. The study of history provides unique and diverse perspectives, communicates new ideas, and tests results based off research. Earning an online degree in history makes you a good candidate for careers that emphasize communication, require investigation, and value critical thinking. Students can expect to cover topics such as Introduction to Humanities, Public Speaking, World Civilizations, and other subject matter. History is one of the best online degrees for hippies because the program values independent thinking. Graduates of online history degree programs pursue employment in journalism, law, politics, publishing, and teaching.

Example schools offering an online history degree:

#4 – Online Graphic Design Degree

If you’re a hippie with a heart for computers and design, an online graphic design degree may be the perfect major. Hippies and hippy-wannabe’s with a love for art can avoid becoming the starving artist by implementing computers and technology into their studies and work. A degree in graphic offers curriculum to fine tune skills in motion graphics, print media, typography, and web design. Graduate may decide to freelance or work for an employer. The flexibility of the trade allows students the freedom they want while following their passion. Creativity and flexibility are what make the online graphic design degree a best choice degree for hippies.

Example schools offering an online graphic design degree:

#3 – Sociology Online Degree

Earning an online sociology degree is the perfect major for hippies and those interested in a deeper understanding of how communities work and thrive in their environments. Sociology examines the individual and how he or she relates and impacts the environment. For those interested in exploration, earning a sociology degree online will satisfy the desire to search while offering preparation for the future. Students can expect to hone their critical thinking skills, learn how to research, and write clearly and effectively. The degree leads to careers in advertising, business, education, and even public health. Sociology is considered to be one of the best online degrees for hippies.

Example schools offering an online sociology degree:

#2 – Ecology Online Degree

An online ecology degree is the perfect major for hippies and outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for conservation and sustainability. Students pursuing an online degree in ecology can expect to explore course topics such as Forest Ecology, Plant Ecology, Rangeland Management, and Wetlands Ecology. Electives can hone skills and explore passions in ecological science, such as Ecological Restoration, Marine Ecology, and The Biology of Soil Ecosystems. Students, who want to avoid the classroom and spend as much time outdoors as possible, find the online ecology major a good fit. Career opportunities for ecology graduates include roles in research labs, non-profit agencies, and environmental consulting firms. Between field studies and conservation topics, ecology is one of the best online degrees for hippies.

Example schools offering an online ecology degree:

#1 – Online Chemistry Degree

Don’t assume hippies are lazy and unproductive. Sure, they may prefer casual duds to business suits, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent. One of the top online degrees for hippies is the chemistry degree. For anyone who enjoyed science and labs as a kid, will love digging deeper at the molecular level. Chemists work in a variety of fields, from medicine to material engineering. Environmental specialists with chemistry backgrounds are also common. Chemistry is one of those fields where you can work alone or with a team, enjoy time in the lab or explore the outdoors. It’s interesting to note that some of the world’s best chemists were also self-proclaimed hippies.

Example schools offering an online chemistry degree:

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