What Is the Best Degree Path to Become an E-Commerce Management Specialist?

Ecommerce 11.2014If you have an interest in both business and information technology, a career as an E-commerce management specialist – complete with a degree in E-commerce – could be the perfect choice for you. There are plenty of reasons to pursue a position in this field. E-commerce degrees are among the top 10 highest paying degrees in business, and experienced professionals working in the field of E-commerce can earn more than $127,000 per year. E-commerce management specialists also enjoy the opportunity to make use of ever-evolving technology to help businesses sell products.


A Career in E-Commerce Management

Since the earliest days of the Internet, E-commerce – which stands for electronic commerce, or the practice of making business or commercial transactions online – has transformed product markets, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). E-commerce has changed how retailers market products and even how they price them.

E-commerce management specialists and other professionals in the field of E-commerce are the ones behind these changes, and behind every transaction that occurs in online shopping. These professionals have a wide range of job duties. They must manage the systems that allow for E-commerce, including the design, development and maintenance of those systems. To protect the security of E-commerce sites from viruses and hacking, E-commerce professionals must keep the technology they use up-to-date at all times. In addition to their information technology job duties, E-commerce management specialists may also have business job responsibilities, like calculating budges for various projects and staying on top of the costs to make sure the company stays under budget.

College Degrees in E-Commerce

E-commerce management specialists must earn a degree in a specialized but quickly growing field of study that combines business education with management information systems: E-commerce. E-commerce degrees come in several types, from Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in E-Commerce degrees to Master of Science (M.S.) in E-Commerce degrees and even Master of Business Administration (MBA) in E-Commerce degrees.

Regardless of the type of degree, a program of study in E-commerce will aim to teach students how to create and put into place methods of electronic distribution and how to manage E-commerce systems. Students in these programs should expect to study analysis and design of information systems, project management, database systems, information technologies, data mining, global E-commerce policy and evolving information technologies. The E-commerce college degree is versatile, allowing holders to enter jobs such as Internet marketers or Internet applications designers as well as E-commerce management specialists.

For the right candidate – someone who is as interested in information technology as he or she is in business – a career in e-commerce management can be very rewarding. The high earning potential is just one benefit of this career. Like other computer and information technology jobs, candidates can look forward to a positive job outlook. For many e-commerce management specialists, part of what makes the field compelling is that technology is always changing, so they always have something new to learn.

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