Best Ecommerce Degree Path for a Successful Career

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An image of a shopping cart key on a computer for our article on Best Ecommerce Degree Path for a Successful CareerEarning a degree in ecommerce can open doors to many career paths and possibilities. If you enjoy working with technology and want to learn business and marketing skills that you can use on the job, consider a career in internet marketing or e-commerce.

Graduates with ecommerce degrees land e commerce careers. They become entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and research analysts. The job duties are exciting, and so is the career. Read on for more information on the ecommerce degree path and what you can do with an e commerce degree.

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. It is the sale and distribution of goods sold online. These are electronic transactions on the internet. You can buy almost anything through e commerce. For this reason, e commerce is very competitive.

Many businesses sell their goods online. Some sell only online. Others maintain a brick and mortar operation with an online presence. There are several market segments that ecommerce operates. These include:

  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Consumer to consumer
  • Consumer to business

E commerce has transformed product markets. It has changed how retailers market their products and how they price them. But to be an expert in the field, you need training and skills. Below we discuss the career path of an e-commerce management expert. We also talk about e commerce degrees and if you need one to be successful in your career.

What is an Ecommerce Major?

Did you know you can major in ecommerce? You can. Sure, business is a more common subject than e commerce, but you can find it at accredited colleges and universities.

An ecommerce major focuses on preparing students for successful careers marketing online goods and services. The internet marketing major covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Contracting
  • Digital design
  • E commerce initiatives
  • Ecommerce technology
  • Electronic marketing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Search engine optimization
  • Supply chain management
  • Web design

An e commerce major also teaches students how to oversee databases and provide technological security. You learn how to develop and design the different systems responsible for online transactions in business. The major prepares you for the many career opportunities available in the ecommerce field.

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Types of Ecommerce Degrees

You don’t have to major in ecommerce to get the skills and training you need for a successful career. There are many different types of ecommerce degree programs. If you want to learn online, you’re in luck. Online e commerce degree programs are out there.

First, let’s look at the different degree levels for an e commerce degree online.

  • Associate degree programs
  • Bachelor’s programs
  • Master’s programs
  • Doctorate programs

Associate’s Degree

An associate’s degree program is a two-year program that leads to an AA or AS degree. You find these degrees at community colleges and technical schools. They are available online.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in ecommerce from an accredited college or university helps you land jobs in business leadership and management. Industries where you can work in leadership include digital and web design, ecommerce management, and web development. Most electronic commerce programs take four years to complete. 

Master’s Degree

When you get your Master in E Commerce degree, you open doors to many career opportunities. Top-level leadership roles include financial managers, marketing managers, and more. You need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for admission to a graduate degree program. 


There are few e commerce doctorate programs, and even fewer online. But you can get a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) with an e commerce concentration. These programs build on a master’s program and take three to six years to complete. 

Other Majors You Can Choose

If your school doesn’t offer an electronic commerce major, you can major in a related subject. Many business programs offer e-commerce as a concentration or specialization. You can earn a bachelor’s in business administration (BBA). But you can also expand your business education and focus on ecommerce. Your online courses cover many topics relevant to online marketing and development. 

Besides business, here are other majors that can lead you toward e commerce careers.

Business or Finance

Business administration or finance programs offer e commerce specializations and courses. You can specialize your business degree by taking enough classes that give you insight and knowledge in the world of electronic commerce. The degree program can provide the quality education you need to become an expert in the field.

Database Management or Systems

Do you love working with computers? Want a career in IT and business? Why not combine your database management degree with ecommerce. You can take as many computer and IT courses as you want. You can also add on a specialization that focuses on online marketing and commerce. You’ll be an expert in web development. 


As a marketing major, you cover topics related to business and marketing. These subjects are relevant to buying and selling online. Your education foundation is business. You take general marketing courses, then select from a pool of electives. You can specialize your marketing degree by choosing online college classes like:

  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce technology
  • Online marketing strategies

What Can You Do with an Online E Commerce Degree?

Like a business degree program, e commerce doesn’t guarantee a specific role or salary. But it does open doors to many different career paths. E-commerce graduates can land jobs in management. This is the most common path for someone with an e commerce degree.

Leadership roles you can take with this major and degree include:

  • Digital marketing experts
  • Financial managers
  • Web designers
  • Web developers

Many e commerce grads go into business for themselves. They’re entrepreneurs with a passion for online business. If you want to launch your own commerce start-up online, you can put your skills and knowledge to work. Your quality education provides you with good communication skills and critical thinking skills. 

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How Long Does it Take to Earn E Commerce Management Degree?

The time it takes to earn an e commerce degree depends on several factors. 

  • E commerce degree type
  • Enrollment 
  • Type of program

Which type of e commerce degree do you want to get? An associate’s degree will take you two years, while a traditional online bachelor’s can take up to four years. But the time can fluctuate by your enrollment status.

What is enrollment status? Enrollment status indicates whether you are a full-time or part-time student. Full-time students finish their degree faster than part-time students. But part-time enrollment offers more freedom for those needing to balance outside obligations such as family and work. It’s up to you to choose which will work for you.

The type of program you choose matters. Some schools offer accelerated e commerce degree programs. Others have traditional programs. An accelerated e commerce program can offer shorter completion times. They have eight-week semesters instead of sixteen. They also allow students to take courses during the summer. Students can earn their bachelor’s degree in two to three years in an accelerated e commerce program. 

What to Expect in an Electronic Commerce Career

E commerce specialists are behind every online shopping experience. These professionals have a wide range of job duties. They must manage the systems that allow a person to shop online. They design, develop, and maintain systems that allow for e commerce.

They also provide security for commerce sites. They help protect them from viruses and hacking. E commerce professionals keep technology current at all times.

Besides the technical tasks they perform, electronic commerce experts have many business-related responsibilities. These include:

  • Calculating budges for various online team projects
  • Keeping costs under or at budget
  • Performing other e commerce projects

Curriculum and Courses for an E Commerce Bachelor’s Degree

Most e commerce degrees cover many of the same subjects. You learn the basics of e commerce systems and how to manage e commerce sites. You also dip your toe into other disciplines like information technology and marketing. No matter which program you choose, you can expect to take some of these courses:

  • Business programming: This business education course focuses on the use of programming languages to solve business problems. 
  • Communications: Effective communication can drive sales and help you reach your target audience. 
  • Database management: This course covers the fundamentals of database systems and management. 
  • Information security: Learn about the safety and security problems online businesses face and ethical ways to fix them. 
  • Information technology: Explore everything from cloud computing to networking, and more. 
  • Internet sales and marketing: Your online degree will cover successful ways to make internet marketing work for you and your business. 
  • Market research: Explore various market techniques and learn how to use statistics and data to analyze findings. 
  • Web design and development: Learn programming and coding skills you can use to create websites.

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Admission Requirements for an E Commerce Degree

Admission requirements vary by e commerce program. They also vary by college. But most e commerce programs want potential students to provide the following.

  • Letters of recommendation from school counselor, teachers, etc
  • Official transcripts from high school or college
  • Personal essay
  • SAT or ACT scores (may be optional)

Most colleges want candidates to complete an online application and submit a fee along with the above-listed materials. Some colleges also have minimum GPA requirements. These schools want to know that a candidate is in good academic standing before they enter college. It helps to keep your grades up in high school, and take rigorous and related courses. 

E Commerce High School Classes

There are classes you can take in high school that prepare you for an e commerce degree. If your school offers business courses, take them. Business courses cover the basics of a wide range of topics in finance and business. Helpful classes include:

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship and business
  • General principles of business
  • Internet marketing
  • Introduction to finance
  • Principles of marketing

Since e commerce has to do with online transactions, computer knowledge helps. If you can take computer courses in high school, you’ll be ahead of the pack. Courses that benefit an e commerce major and e commerce degrees include:

  • Computer science
  • Digital information technology
  • Introduction to coding
  • Introduction to programming
  • Web design

Some schools offer electives in leadership and management. Others offer communication courses. Comm courses can help you develop strong communication skills you can take with you into an e commerce major. They can also help you on the job as you negotiate contracts, manage teams, and oversee projects. 

How to Afford an E Commerce Degree

Whether you want an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree, there are affordable programs out there. For some students, attending college is only possible with the help of federal financial aid. Federal financial aid awards help reduce the cost of tuition and fees. Federal financial aid comes in many forms:

  • Federal and state grants
  • Scholarships
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Work study

The cost of attendance and your household income determines how much aid you receive. You can determine how much aid you’re eligible to receive by filling out the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. 

Is an E Commerce Degree Worth It?

The short answer is yes. Why? The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks e commerce as one of the fastest growing careers. It offers above-average job growth. This means that over the next ten years, e commerce graduates will find many career choices.

The job growth projected from 2021 to 2031 is 7%. The BLS anticipates about 715,000 new jobs added to the business and financial industry over the next 10 years. But in addition to new jobs, career options will arise from the need to replace workers who retire or exit the industry. The BLS expects about 980,000 each year to come from growth and replacement needs. This is good news for e commerce college graduates. 

For many companies and businesses, online transactions make up a large part of the total sales. Because of the large range of businesses that rely on online transactions, there should be many jobs to choose from. This means that now is a good time to get an e commerce degree. 

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