What are Some Entry Level Jobs in Information Technology?

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Information technology (IT) is a rapidly growing field and one that offers various entry-level information technology jobs. It’s also a field that offers degree programs at all levels from the associate degree to graduate degrees. Computers and information technology have touched every aspect of our lives. IT  is the largest of any computer-related industry. The IT industry employs millions of people each year. It also provides jobs in a number of different industries and businesses.

Web developer

Web developing is an occupation that can be obtained with an associate’s degree. It’s also a career that will always be in demand as long as we have computers and the Internet. Web developers are the masterminds and talent behind every website. They assist web designers in the creation of a website but are the professionals responsible for making the site function. Web developers take care of all the technical aspects of the website, including its:
  • capacity
  • performance
  • speed
  • overall appearance
If additional content or maintenance must be performed on the website, the web developer takes care of this as well. Web developers may be employed by one company. However, many choose to freelance and provide their services as needed to various companies.

Computer systems analyst

Also called systems architects, computer systems analysts are the professionals who help an organization operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. Using their knowledge of information technology and the business in which they’re working, they design a system that meets the needs of the company. Computer systems analysts research and study the organization’s computer system and procedures. They determine what the company needs and design a solution that satisfies those needs. They’re also in charge of ensuring the system runs smoothly and is secure from outside vulnerabilities. Computer systems analysts generally have bachelor’s degrees.

Computer programmer

Computer programming is probably one of the most common of the entry-level jobs in information technology. It’s also a job that will always be in demand. One of the first steps towards creating a website is computer programming. Candidates learning computer programming will take courses in:
  • application programming
  • basic coding
  • information technology
  • computer science
It’s not unusual for a computer programmer to be hired with only an associate degree. This position is one of the highest-paying jobs for graduates of associate degree programs. It can also be the stepping-stone towards higher-paying jobs.

Systems engineer

Becoming a systems engineer generally requires completing a bachelor’s degree program. It’s also an entry-level job in information technology that pays very well and offers good career opportunities. Systems engineers enter the picture when a computer network needs to be set up or a computer system is needs  repairs. To keep an organization’s computer and network system running smoothly, systems engineers use their knowledge of:
  • Oracle relational databases
  • Microsoft Servers
  • Cisco networking equipment
Systems engineers may work for one specific organization or work independently for different companies. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that computer and information technology occupations should see a job growth of 13% between 2016 and 2026. This should result in the creation of 557,100 new jobs by 2026. This bodes well for candidates interested in pursuing careers in information technology, even those looking for entry-level information technology jobs. Related Resources:

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