What are the Easiest College Majors?

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The vast majority of college freshmen are not interested in becoming neurosurgeons and astrophysicists. They simply want to earn a degree that will qualify them for a career that they enjoy. With colleges adding new majors to their curriculum every day, it is difficult to choose a major that is easy enough to still maintain a personal life, yet has a high potential for resulting in a stable career. This article will help you determine the easiest college majors to choose from.

The first rule of thumb is that the easiest majors are those in subjects you already find interesting. Things always seem more effortless to us if we enjoy them. Pick majors that include a lot of courses that build on the courses you excelled at and enjoyed in high school. A major’s reputation of difficulty is only as applicable as it fits with your own experiences.


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If you love reading and writing, look at career paths in the humanities. This field includes subjects like English, new languages, cultural studies, and literature. You can major in general humanities and experience a little bit of each, which prepares you for a wide variety of careers, such as those listed in this article published by Clayton State University. Humanities courses are graded more on papers, essays, and discussions than exams, which many students find a lot easier to prepare for. This is one of the easiest college degrees for college students who love English literature


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Sociology is the study of social systems. In other words, the study of how we all function in society and how society can be improved. Many students find this major to be easy because it is so applicable- we cannot help but be surrounded by and immersed in sociology every day. The University of California, Davis published this list of careers possible for sociology degree majors. This can be an easy college major for college students who want to work as a social worker.

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Communicating is another task that we do all day every day. The communications major teaches you how best to communicate in a wide variety of settings and with diverse populations and sometimes even in foreign languages. The coursework for this major includes a lot of written and verbal…well…communication. If you like writing and discussions, this is a great choice for you. The University of Minnesota published this list of jobs available for communications majors. For a great list of schools offering online communications degrees, don’t miss our resource: Top 30 Best Communications Degree Online Programs (Bachelor’s) 2018


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There is a saying that “those who can’t do, teach.” It is more accurate to say that those who do not want to do, teach. Many students find the education major easy and enjoyable because you are responsible for studying just enough of each subject to learn how to teach it to students in whatever grade level you wish to work with. There is also a significant amount of on-the-job training that comes with this major in the form of student teaching. Many students find it much easier to learn by experience. A bachelor degree in secondary education is an easy college major for college students that also offers many rewarding career paths.

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Choosing the easiest college majors is not the easiest task! The four major listed above are easy in the sense that the requirement for learning new and highly advanced subjects is low. They are more about honing skills you already have and diving deeper into subjects you already experience and are interested in. They prepare you for a wide range of careers, which makes your post-graduation experience easier.

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