What are the Easiest College Majors?

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The vast majority of college freshmen are not interested in becoming neurosurgeons and astrophysicists. They simply want to earn a degree that will qualify them for a career that they enjoy. With colleges adding new majors to their curriculum every day, it is difficult to choose a major that is easy enough to still maintain a personal life, yet has a high potential for resulting in a stable career. This article will help you determine the easiest college majors to choose from.

The first rule of thumb is that the easiest majors are those in subjects you already find interesting. Things always seem more effortless to us if we enjoy them. Pick majors that include a lot of courses that build on the courses you excelled at and enjoyed in high school. A major’s reputation of difficulty is only as applicable as it fits with your own experiences.

What are the easiest college majors? Before answering this question, it’s important to point out that college is meant to be challenging, regardless of the chosen major. Just because one major is easier than others doesn’t mean that it won’t require plenty of focus and self-discipline. Another important point to consider is that a college major may be easy for one student but difficult for another.

Before choosing a major, it’s important for a student to know his or her strengths and weaknesses. For example, most students will find math and science courses more difficult than liberal arts courses. Other students will excel in math and science while struggling in the liberal arts. In general, however, math and science courses take more time and effort to complete than humanities courses.


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If you love reading and writing, look at career paths in the humanities. This field includes subjects like English, new languages, cultural studies, and literature. You can major in general humanities and experience a little bit of each, which prepares you for a wide variety of careers, such as those listed in this article published by Clayton State University. Humanities courses are graded more on papers, essays, and discussions than exams, which many students find a lot easier to prepare for. This is one of the easiest college degrees for college students who love English literature.

Most students will find subjects such as English, history or religious studies relatively easy. The easiest college major will be the one that has the most appeal, so it’s a good idea to learn about a subject before declaring a major. While English students tend to get a lot of criticism for choosing an easy college major, English is still an appropriate choice for anyone interested in literature, poetry or writing.

A college graduate with an English degree may not earn as much money as a computer science graduate, but that isn’t necessarily the point. No one majors in English, history or religious studies in order to get rich. These subjects appeal to students who are genuinely interested in them. As with any college major, however, a few students will be enrolled in these courses simply because they couldn’t find a more suitable option. By the beginning of the sophomore year, they will most likely have dropped out of the program.


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Sociology is the study of social systems. In other words, the study of how we all function in society and how society can be improved. Many students find this major to be easy because it is so applicable- we cannot help but be surrounded by and immersed in sociology every day. The University of California, Davis published this list of careers possible for sociology degree majors. This can be an easy college major for college students who want to work as a social worker.

Sociology and social work are considered easy college majors, but that doesn’t mean that being a social worker is easy. Social workers earn a relatively low hourly wage and work long, arduous hours assisting people who are often in desperate situations. Getting a degree in sociology or social work may be a quick, easy process, but the job of a social worker is really only suitable for those who are passionate about human services.

While most people can easily complete a sociology degree program in four years while maintaining a high GPA, many sociology graduates may discover they simply aren’t cut out for their chosen career. Instead of majoring in sociology, they may be better off choosing education, business or communications. These careers are about serving people, but they don’t require an extreme dedication to human service.

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Communicating is another task that we do all day every day. The communications major teaches you how best to communicate in a wide variety of settings and with diverse populations and sometimes even in foreign languages. The coursework for this major includes a lot of written and verbal…well…communication. If you like writing and discussions, this is a great choice for you. The University of Minnesota published this list of jobs available for communications majors.

For decades, students looking for an easy college experience have majored in communications. Over the years, this degree has come to be known as a “party degree,” suitable for students who are more interested in socializing than studying. However, communications can be a serious intellectual pursuit for students with professional ambition.

A degree in communications can lead to a career in journalism, broadcasting, writing or publishing, but communications programs aren’t always easy. While it’s possible to earn a communications degree without making much of an effort, the result could be unsatisfactory. When a potential employer asks for your college transcript, a low GPA could be a problem. On the bright side, maintaining a high GPA as a communications major should be relatively easy.

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There is a saying that “those who can’t do, teach.” It is more accurate to say that those who do not want to do, teach. Many students find the education major easy and enjoyable because you are responsible for studying just enough of each subject to learn how to teach it to students in whatever grade level you wish to work with. There is also a significant amount of on-the-job training that comes with this major in the form of student teaching. Many students find it much easier to learn by experience. A bachelor degree in secondary education is an easy college major for college students that also offers many rewarding career paths.

Education majors can choose to go into teaching or school administration. Earning an education degree is easier than earning a degree in a technical subject such as math or computer science. However, it may take additional time for a teaching graduate to complete state licensing requirements.

School administrators typically need a master’s degree to work in a k-12 school or a doctorate to work in a university. Several choices of master’s and doctoral degrees are available to education majors. It’s not always necessary for graduate students to have experience in education prior to enrollment.

While education is a relatively easy college major, the additional time required for postgraduate education or state licensing could be a drawback for some students. However, the meaningful nature of the work is a big plus for most teachers and school administrators.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a great choice for students with at least a little natural creative ability. Most schools offer a two-year associate’s degree in graphic design, so it’s one of the quickest options available. A graphic design degree can be a reliable path toward a high-paying career in Web design, UX design, graphic art, typography and related occupations. With a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, the earning potential is even greater.

While the coursework of a graphic design program may be easy, the occupation of a graphic designer requires plenty of passion, dedication and attention to detail. Many graphic designers work as freelancers, so the job security in this profession can seem tenuous. For graphic design majors looking for full-time employment after graduation, a four-year bachelor’s degree is the best choice.


When it comes to college majors, marketing is one of the easiest choices available. Marketing students learn how to research a market and craft a message specifically for a target audience. It’s a degree program that can easily be completed in four years, and it doesn’t require knowledge of any technical subjects such as math or accounting.

Marketing can be one of the easiest college majors for students who enjoy communicating ideas with large audiences. The earning potential for markers is very good, too. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, professional marketers earn a median annual salary of around $125,000, with top earners making over $208,000 per year.

Political Science

Students who are interested in studying human behavior have many degree options to choose from. One of those choices is political science, which is a relatively easy college major. Political science graduates can find high-paying employment in journalism, education and government. Many jobs are available to professionals with only a four-year degree.

Like psychology and sociology, political science is a social science, so a basic understanding of statistics is usually required. Social sciences are also sometimes referred to as the “soft sciences,” in contrast to the so-called “hard sciences,” such as physics, biology and chemistry. Soft sciences deal with high levels of uncertainty because they measure human behavior, which is largely unpredictable. That’s why the social sciences rely heavily on surveys, polls and statistics to form theories and predictions.

Foreign Languages

Multi-lingual students can make their college experience easier by majoring in a foreign language. Studying the grammar and vocabulary of a language, as well as the culture of its native speakers, can be a fun and interesting experience. For professionals with a foreign language education, many career options become available, including writing, translation and international business.

It’s not necessary to speak a foreign language fluently before enrolling in a degree program. As long as students really want to learn the language, they will receive all the resources and support they need to successfully graduate and enter the workforce. However, true fluency in a foreign language will come only with complete immersion in a foreign culture. For example, a native English speaker probably won’t become fluent in Chinese without living in China for several months or years.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is largely based on the social sciences of psychology and sociology. Students who major in this discipline learn the basics of law and law enforcement, and they can find work in the criminal justice system upon graduation.

While a criminal justice degree may not be the right fit for everyone, it’s definitely an easy choice for many students. High-paying criminal justice careers are available for professionals with just a four-year degree. Moreover, most criminal justice majors have no trouble maintaining at least a B average. A criminal justice degree offers students the chance to make a big difference in society, even if they aren’t academically oriented in the traditional sense.


Another great choice for the right student is nutrition. With just a two-year degree in nutrition, anyone can find meaningful employment as a nutritionist, personal trainer or dietary consultant.

Studying dietary nutrition helps people understand the consequences of the daily eating choices they make. Learning about the importance of macronutrients, micronutrients and dietary patterns can provide invaluable life skills and help to form the foundation of a high-paying professional career. Most nutritionists work on a freelance basis, but some individuals may find work in health food stores and companies that produce vitamins and dietary supplements.


Another relatively easy college major is hospitality. With a degree in hospitality, you can apply for work in hotels, restaurants, bars and catering services. Hospitality programs are designed to train students to enter management careers upon graduation.

Although a hospitality degree program may be relatively easy, working in hotel and restaurant management can be stressful. These jobs are demanding because they require constant movement and face-to-face interaction with customers and employees. In other words, they can’t be automated by artificial intelligence, so the job outlook in this profession is strong. With a degree in hospitality, many high-status jobs are attainable, including lucrative jobs for regional managers and corporate executives.

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Choosing the easiest college majors is not the easiest task! The four major listed above are easy in the sense that the requirement for learning new and highly advanced subjects is low. They are more about honing skills you already have and diving deeper into subjects you already experience and are interested in. They prepare you for a wide range of careers, which makes your post-graduation experience easier.

In today’s competitive job market, getting a college degree is more important than ever. The best choice of college major depends on a student’s skills and interests, but all of the degree options on this list are easy enough for most people to handle without too much stress. This list should provide a good starting point for anyone who asks, “What are the easiest college majors?”

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