5 Organizations Found at Small Colleges

Five Small Colleges

  • Fraternities and Sororities
  • Music Organizations
  • Engineering Organizations
  • Student Government
  • Political Organizations

When you are a student, these top five organizations at small colleges could make your experience more enjoyable. These organizations help you get to know your fellow students better. They also give you a chance to learn new skills and boost your resume when applying for your first job.

1. Fraternities and Sororities

Each small college has its own fraternities and sororities. These will be chapters of the national organization. Joining a fraternity or sorority gives you the chance to have a solid social support network. These organizations typically have a lot of social events. It is important to know that fraternity and sorority dues can be pricey, and there may be specific requirements for your admission into these types of organizations.

2. Music Organizations

Small colleges may have a men’s choir, women’s choir or an LGBTQ choir that you could join. There may also be organizations related to specific instruments. For example, small colleges might have a trombone, trumpet or piano club. These organizations are separate from the concert and marching bands. They may include performances or put on community events. These organizations typically do not require you to have a specific level of skill in order to join. This is an organization in which you can simply have fun and enjoy performing with other like-minded individuals.

3. Engineering Organizations

Each type of engineering often has its own organizations at small colleges. For example, you might find organizations in:

  • chemical engineering
  • environmental engineering
  • computer engineering

There may also be a group for women in engineering or international students in engineering. According to Forbes, joining one of these professional organizations at small colleges could be a big boost to your future career as an engineer. That is because alumni who are working in the field typically maintain an ongoing relationship with the organization.

4. Student Government

Student government organizations at small colleges are an ideal way to participate in the rule-setting of the educational institution. Many of the college presidents seek input from the student government. The student government may be in charge of:

  • organizing certain activities
  • setting the rules for events
  • playing a role in how the dormitories are managed

If you are thinking about a career in politics or public service, joining the student government association at your small college is a wise first step. You will learn how to communicate with people who have different opinions and how to negotiate with someone who has a different mindset.

5. Political Organizations

Small colleges may also have political organizations that you could join. Student Democrats and student Republicans are just a couple of the options that are at most colleges and universities. If you join one of these organizations, you may have the opportunity to:

  • participate in political campaigns
  • help get students registered to vote
  • host debates of local or statewide candidates on your campus

Members of a student political organization may also be able to meet with their elected representatives and get them to host town hall meetings.

If the first organization you join is not a good fit, move on and try a different one. Finding a great organization to join while in college provides opportunities to do other things besides study. Each of these top five organizations at small colleges could make your experience as a student more memorable and satisfying.

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