What Is the Best Degree for Becoming a Politician?

best degrees for politicians

You know that you want to be a politician. You have charisma to dazzle voters and the urge to improve your community. You were president of your high school class, captain of your sports team and you’ve always been the leader in your group of friends. What degree should you pursue to make your dream a reality?

Political Science

Studying political science will help you academically and socially. In the classroom, you’ll study power throughout the centuries, learning historical and modern forms of statecraft. You will research current political topics and think deeply about what it means to be a member of the government. After graduation, you’ll be well-prepared to enter law school, like President Barack Obama did with his degree in political science , or you might choose to go directly to a career in public service.
Outside of the classroom, you’ll find that many of your classmates will have similar ambitions. You will benefit from being around like-minded peers, some of whom you may encounter again later on in your career. Likewise, your professors will be helpful mentors. You may find class projects or research opportunities leading you to local campaigns, model United Nations teams or student governance. You may find yourself working for a local politician, traveling to Washington, D.C. with your classmates or even managing an experienced politician’s campaign for election. With a degree in political science, you’ll gain valuable skills that you’ll apply to your own career.


Politics is more than just getting into office. Once you’re there, you must take care of your constituency. A degree in business will give you the financial and management knowledge you’ll need to keep your community running smoothly. You will learn how to balance a budget, manage employees and analyze potential deals. Many business programs emphasize group projects, so you’ll get early experience in working with others. Your business degree will also come in handy after you graduate, when you can transition into a government career, earn an MBA or go on to law school.


Why theatre? As a politician, you’ll need to speak in public, present a happy face at all times and know how to position yourself on a stage. Imagine participating in a public debate while sweating or not knowing how to project your voice to fill the room. A degree in theatre will help you be comfortable in front of others and how to project the proper issue. You won’t be the first politician to study theatre; perhaps one day you’ll become President of the United States, just like former actor Ronald Reagan.

When choosing which degree to pursue, consider your own strengths. Are you a policy buff who starts to tremble at the mere thought of being in front of a crowd? Then study theatre or communications to buff up your public speaking skills. Similarly, if you’re a natural entertainer, take courses in business or political science to complement your charismatic demeanor. No matter what degree you pursue, it’s your innate talent that’s going to make you a superstar in the political arena.

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