What Type of Governmental Careers are Available for Spanish Majors?

The goal of many Spanish majors is to build a career making a difference in the government. With the increasing presence of Spanish language and culture in the United States, new career paths form every day. Here are a few rewarding governmental careers for Spanish majors to explore.

Deputy Clerk

Every branch of the government has deputy clerks. These individuals are responsible for performing a wide variety of administrative and clerical tasks and assisting many different government officials. A certain number of deputy clerks must be bilingual in Spanish and English and must possess multicultural awareness and knowledge. Spanish majors fit this description perfectly. This is a role that people can apply for just out of college, so it makes an excellent first job and stepping stone to graduate education or career advancement.

Race and Equity Program Manager

There are several governmental agencies dedicated to race relations and equity. Many of them serve Latin American and Hispanic populations. With their linguistic and cultural training, Spanish majors are the ideal candidates for managing these programs. This is a great role for those who wish to build careers working directly with people, creating special equity projects for communities, and training and managing a team of employees. The Government Alliance on Race and Equity provides a comprehensive overview of current issues and projects.

Writer and Editor

Students who enjoyed and excelled at reading and writing throughout their Spanish degree programs. Every sector of the government employees a team of writers and editors, so applicants can search for positions in the areas of the government to which they feel most called. It is important that some members of this team be bilingual in English and Spanish, opening doors for Spanish majors everywhere. This is a career that one can enter just after graduation and build upon for a lifetime.


Whether it be family issues such as divorce and custody, substance abuse and addiction problems, a number of crimes and misdemeanors, or immigration processes, many people find themselves wrapped up in the government due to difficult legal proceedings. No matter what the situation, every individual is entitled to a caseworker to walk them through the process and serve as a liaison to all authoritative parties. For native Spanish-speakers who need additional assistance understanding all of the important jargon, bilingual caseworkers are even more essential. This is a great path for Spanish majors who excel at translating, enjoy working with people and possess a great deal of patience.

Disaster Recovery Manager

Sometimes disaster strikes in Spanish-speaking nations and the United States steps in to help. Sometimes disaster strikes at home, and Spanish-speaking citizens are at a particular disadvantage due to a language barrier and lack of resources. There is an entire section of the United States government devote to Natural Disaster Response and Recovery, and within that section lies the need for bilingual individuals to fill a variety of roles. This is an ideal option for Spanish majors who excel at critical thinking and thrive under pressure.

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Spanish majors graduate with a wide variety of passions and abilities. Two things they all have in common are a solid ability to communicate in Spanish and an advanced understanding of culture. These five governmental careers for Spanish majors put these skills to use and create the perfect platform for success.

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