What is the Career Outlook with a Bachelor’s in Spanish?

The career outlook with a Bachelor’s in Spanish is quite good. It is a common language that is spoken worldwide and the second most common language in the United States after English. For these reasons, an education in Spanish and ability to speak the language bodes well for obtaining careers in many different industries.

Many Fields Want Spanish Speakers

Spanish language ability is desired or even required in many different careers, from dental hygienists to financial professionals to administrative assistants. Certain areas have a greater need for bilingual employees than others, but the ability to speak Spanish will be a point in favor of almost all job seekers. This is true whether the job ad mentions Spanish language ability or not. Learning another language showcases the dedication and cultural curiosity in addition to being a practical skill – all traits employers are looking for in employees. This degree is simply not only useful for students who want to pursue a career as a Spanish translator or work internationally.

International Opportunities

Spanish has over 400 million native speakers worldwide and many countries have populations that primarily speak Spanish. This leads to countless international opportunities for holders of a Spanish degree, showing a good career outlook with a Bachelor’s in Spanish for those who hold one. Spanish education opens up job opportunities to work abroad in international relations or other fields in Spanish-speaking countries, making it a great option for people who want to travel and work abroad. Because of the sheer number of speakers and countries where this language is spoken, Spanish is a language option that provides some of the widest opportunities for international employment, making it among the top choices of languages to study for people wanting to work in international relations.

Opportunities In Translation

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have specific information on Spanish language translators, the expected growth of translation and interpreter jobs is sitting at 18 percent, which is extremely high. Because of the large number of Spanish speakers worldwide, and especially in the United States, Spanish is a language that is expected to have incredibly high numbers of employment opportunities for translation in the coming years. There will be large numbers of English and Spanish speakers needing to communicate with one another. This can be an in-person interpretation or consist of the translating of books, documents, manuals, audio and more.

Self-Employment is Possible

Translation is a career that lends itself particularly well to the gig economy, so individuals who have a Bachelor’s in Spanish may wish to pursue the notion of working for themselves as an independent translator. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants to work for themselves or from home. Freelance translators take on projects from a variety of clients. Individuals wishing to pursue this career path also need to learn many basic tenants of running a business, such as accounting, administrative tasks and IT needs. They also must be able to promote their services and land clients, especially repeat clients, in order to be successful.

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Spanish language ability is undoubtedly going to be in demand in the coming years. This makes job prospects for people who can speak Spanish exceptionally. The career outlook with a Bachelor’s in Spanish is a solid reason to pursue a college degree in this language.

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