What’s the Best Degree Path for Becoming an Employment Recruiter?

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Not every prospective student wants to major in a very narrow, specific field of study. Some students would rather develop a broad range of skills that apply in a variety of industries and career paths. When you make the decision to major in the humanities – studies related to human culture – you can develop a number of important skills to prepare for your desired career. One of the highest paying jobs for humanities majors is employment recruiter. Experienced employment recruiters earn a median salary of $56,100 per year. To pursue this career, you will first need to earn a bachelor’s degree from a college or university.

Degree Options for Aspiring Employment Recruiters

There’s a reason earning a degree in a humanities area works well for preparing students for jobs such as employment recruiter. When you study the humanities, you develop some universally important skills. You learn to:

  • communicate well
  • take in and analyze information
  • think critically
  • ask questions
  • solve problems creatively

You could choose to major in:

  • art
  • history
  • English literature
  • philosophy
  • foreign language

Your curriculum should encourage and develop the abilities you need to find the right candidate for the right job in your desired position as an employment recruiter. Some employment recruiters come to the profession from a different educational background, like psychology or business administration. Most commonly it’s human resources. These degree programs, too, help students sharpen their communication and critical thinking skills.

Gaining Work Experience

To attain your desired job as an employment recruiter, you will need professional experience that demonstrates your skills working with others. Experience in a human resources position is a great place to start. Has your prior work experience  consisted only of sales and customer service jobs? You can still use this experience to showcase your ability to interact well with other individuals and with a team, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Some employers may prefer to hire candidates with professional human resources certification. Depending on what company, firm or agency you would like to work for, you might want to seek out certification from one of these professional organizations.

Employment recruiter is one of the highest paying jobs for humanities majors. It also can be rewarding in many other ways. As an employment recruiter, your role will be to match job candidates to available positions. Your work could very well involve helping a hardworking candidate land his or her dream job. You might help an overwhelmed business find exactly the right person to make everything run smoothly companywide. You can help experienced workers advance to reach their full potential. You might help candidates struggling in a difficult economy make the necessary career changes to get ahead.

Whether you study the humanities or human resources, a college education can prepare you for a fulfilling career as an employment recruiter.

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