5 Career Opportunities in Nursing Administration

5 Career Opportunities in Nursing Administration

Great Nursing Administration Careers

  • Director of Nursing Administration
  • RN Assistant Director of Nursing
  • Nursing Supervisor
  • Nursing Executive Secretary
  • Nursing Instructor

For those interested, there are many, excellent career opportunities in nursing administration to be had today. This line of work is all about supporting the nursing field to get the job done. There are many happenings behind the scenes in this job sector, and subsequently, plenty of career options and demand. The following are five great options in nursing administration careers right now.

1. Director of Nursing Administration

The Director of Nursing Administration, in many facilities, is the top representative and manager of the entire nursing staff and all of its activities. At this managerial level, much of the work involves oversight, planning, assessing, and researching factors that can or will affect nursing capability. In some cases, this director is even responsible for hire and job termination decision-making, while in other cases, they may work with a human resource department of some sort to handle such staffing changes.

2. RN Assistant Director of Nursing

As this job title suggests, the RN Assistant Director of Nursing reports directly to and works directly under the above-discussed director of Nursing Administration. At this level of responsibility, this professional must engage in the next level of management duties which include planning individual nurse duties, managing individual staff members in general, overseeing facilities and materials, budgeting, and more, depending on the particular facility and its needs of the position. As this role requires more, actual hands-on work, a registered nurse degree and certification are required.

3. Nursing Supervisor

Nursing supervisors play the pivotal role of supervising a group or entire staff of nurses. While others in this list do the same to some extent, this professional’s duties are almost solely focused on employee supervision. This is considered to be one of the medical industry’s important clinical supervision roles described by Nursing Times to be “a formal process of professional support and learning that addresses practitioners’ developmental needs in a non-judgemental way.” Furthermore, the goal of those in this role is to help nursing staff or other medical practitioners “increase both their competence and confidence through exchanges with experienced professionals and the use of reflective skills.”

4. Nursing Executive Secretary

The term secretary included in this job’s title is likely a throwback to older times when many medical facilities had fewer job roles with less duties in general. Today, someone in the position of a nursing executive secretary would find themselves in an important role as more of a coordinator between staff, management, outside contractors, and many other elements close to the medical world. While requirements to gain entry to this position can fluctuate, they often simply require a related associate’s degree and some experience in a medical setting.

5. Nursing Instructor

Finally, nursing instructors represent yet another critical link in nursing administration – that of maintaining and building applicable knowledge in potential and current medical staff. These instructors work in a variety of settings with colleges, hospitals, and technical schools providing the most employment opportunity according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, for those who enjoy online and computer-based work, many nursing instructors also qualify to teach online in distance learning formats as well.

Nursing is a critical field in the medical world, but without administrative action backing it at all times, the resulting situation would be unsustainable and untenable. There are, thus, many great options to be had in this particular line of work. In conclusion, for more guidance in the area of specific career opportunities in nursing administration or nursing itself, the American Academy of Nursing is an excellent resource with which to inquire further.

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