5 Podcasts for Nursing Administrators

5 Podcasts for Nursing Administrators

Podcasts for Nursing Administrators

  • Evidence-Based Nursing
  • Good Nurse Bad Nurse
  • Lab Values
  • MedMaster Show
  • Nurses for Healthy Environments

The best way to succeed at one’s job is to never stop learning. An excellent way to accomplish this is through listening to professional podcasts. Plugging in on the commute to work will inspire and prepare you for the day ahead. Tuning in while stuck in a line or waiting room will pass the time while making you better at your job. These five podcasts for nursing administrators provide a wide range of relevant topics and interesting listens.

1. Evidence-Based Nursing

Nursing administrators are responsible for providing both quality care for patients and a successful professional experience for staff. The best way to do this is to follow the practices proven to be the most ethical and effective. These practices are the ones born out of extensive and peer-reviewed research. Listening to the podcast Evidence-Based Nursing is an informative and engaging way for nursing administrators to stay current on evidence-based practices in nursing for a wide variety of topics.

2. Good Nurse Bad Nurse

One of the most challenging roles that nursing administrators face is that of ensuring quality relationships between their staff and patients. Every nursing staff member has a unique personality, and so does every patient. Not to mention the heightened emotions of the patients and their families that result from enduring a medical situation. Empathy and tenderness can be difficult to maintain when caring for sick and injured individuals, but it sets the tone for their overall experience and either promotes healing or aggravates suffering. Good Nurse Bad Nurse provides both horror stories and anecdotal inspiration, giving nursing administrators excellent examples to share with their staff about what to do and not to do when caring for patients and their loved ones.

3. Lab Values

From collecting and delivering blood and other samples to understanding how best to treat patients based on the results, lab related tasks make up a huge portion of the nursing field. Nursing administrators are tasked with educating their staff about these and ensuring that they run smoothly. Lab Values provides the most cutting-edge information about lab practices and resource, as well as some basic review discussions about every type of lab test nurses will participate in.

4. MedMaster Show

Another role of nursing administrators is to maintain up to date knowledge about every medication their nurses administer to their patients. They must also be able to educate their nurses on the properties, proper usage, and side effects of each medication. MedMaster Show is a podcast devoted to medication management specifically in the context of nursing. Nursing pharmacology is one of the main tenets of the nursing profession, so this is a great podcast to listen to on a regular basis.

5. Nurses for Healthy Environments

The work that nurses do cannot help but take a toll on the environment. Nurses, and the custodial faculty cleaning up after them, must use harsh chemicals. For patient safety, supplies of all materials must be thrown out and replaced after each use in order to maintain a sanitary healing environment. Nurses for Health Environments is a podcast created by and for nursing professionals who wish to limit their ecological footprints by utilizing environmentally friendly practices and supplied wherever possible. Nursing administrators looking for ways to improve the environmental consciousness of their staff and workplace will gain a lot of great ideas and background information from this podcast.

Nursing administrators play a lot of roles, making it necessary to remain up to date on a wide variety of topics. Podcasts for nursing administrators such as these five make that not only possible but also enjoyable. These podcasts make the perfect companion for nursing administrators learning on the go.

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