5 Psychology Degrees You Can Earn Online

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Online Psychology Degrees

  • Online Bachelor’s in Psychology
  • Online Master’s in Psychology
  • Online Master’s in Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Online Bachelor’s in Counseling
  • Online Master’s in Counseling

Psychology is a rewarding field in more ways than one. They make a difference in the lives of troubled patients. They enjoy a median salary twice as high as the median among all occupations. Online study options make it easier to earn the psychology degree you need to get ahead or break into the field. Here are five of the best psychology programs that offer fully online courses at many schools.

Online Bachelor’s in Psychology

If you have no training in psychology yet, an online bachelor’s degree in the subject is a great place to start. You can pursue a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Sciences (B.S.) degree psychology. You’ll complete coursework in subjects like:

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  • human behavior
  • research methods
  • statistics

A bachelor’s degree in psychology is the first step toward the advanced education required to become a full-fledged psychologist. It can also prepare graduates for entry-level careers in:

  • human services
  • sales
  • education
  • business administration.

Online Master’s in Psychology

If you want to earn the title of psychologist, you’ll need to take your education farther. A master’s degree in psychology is the minimum requirement necessary to become a psychologist in a discipline like industrial-organizational psychology. This is according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Whether earning your graduate psychology degree on-campus or online, you can typically choose a specialty, like:

  • consumer psychology
  • industrial-organizational psychology
  • human factors engineering

Online Master’s in Applied Behavioral Analysis

A specialty available in fully online formats is the master’s in applied behavioral analysis degree. Graduates of these degree programs develop expertise in behavior modification. This is the practice of systematically using positive or negative reinforcements to achieve changes in problematic behavior. This knowledge is important when it comes to working in:

  • schools
  • therapy facilities
  • addiction rehab facilities
  • residential group homes
  • social services

It is also useful with children and adults on the spectrum.

Online Bachelor’s in Counseling

If you’re  interested in the practice of helping people improve their lives, then counseling might be the right career path for you. Earning a bachelor’s degree in counseling online can be a good way to prepare for a counseling career in a specialty like:

  • family and marriage counseling
  • addiction counseling

Many schools offer bachelor’s in counseling programs where the coursework is fully online. You should get hands-on experience as you complete clinical experience requirements under the guidance of a licensed counselor.

Online Master’s in Counseling

To earn your counseling license, you will need a graduate degree. Fortunately, master’s in counseling programs are also available online. You should know that you’ll again need to get clinical experience – 2,000 to 4,000 hours of it before you can attain a license, according to the BLS.

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