5 Top Paying Jobs for a Civil Engineer

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Top Paying Civil Engineering Jobs

• Engineering Project Managers • Senior Civil Engineers • Civil Engineers • Architects • Engineering Managers Civil engineers touch many parts of our lives throughout the day. Turning on our faucet. Driving to work on the freeway. Taking a flight to the Bahamas. Dozens of times’ we’re using something designed or built by civil engineers. Civil engineers spend their careers designing, building and constructing infrastructure and systems. Civil engineers are the geniuses we can thank for all these items that make our lives easier and more convenient. These include:
  • energy systems
  • bridges
  • airports
  • water supply systems
  • roads

1. Engineering Manager

Engineering managers are in charge of planning, directing and coordinating projects in engineering and architectural companies. Most of them work in office settings. But many engineering managers also spend time at construction sites or working in research labs. Engineering managers generally have at least a bachelor’s degrees and several years of work experience in this field. As of 2018, engineering managers earned an annual median wage of $110,218 according to PayScale.

2. Senior Civil Engineer

Senior civil engineers take care of the design, construction, and maintenance of public structures like:
  • buildings
  • bridges
  • roads
  • dams, among others
They’re responsible for ensuring structures are sturdy enough to survive the constant wear and tear. When they’re not on site inspecting projects, senior civil engineers may be in the office.  Or they may be hiring, mentoring and training subordinate civil engineers. Educational and work experience requirements for senior civil engineers is similar to engineering project managers. Senior civil engineers earned a median annual wage of $91,631, according to PayScale.

3. Engineering Project Managers

Engineering project managers are in charge of directing and leading specific engineers in projects. Their duties include:
  • preparing cost proposals
  • maintaining project financial records
  • testing the site for safety
  • determining customers’ requirements
  • overseeing project development
  • ensuring the project conforms to safety regulations
Engineering project managers must be familiar with industry procedures and practices. They must have at least a bachelor’s degree and several years of relevant work experience. According to PayScale, engineering project managers earn a median annual wage of $88,198.

4. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers work for both the private and public sectors. Civil engineers are responsible for infrastructure systems and projects, including:
  • creation
  • designing
  • building
  • maintaining
They typically work in various locations and divide their time between working on site or in the office. Civil engineers monitor progress and solve any problems that may arise. Civil engineers must have bachelor’s degrees and work experience as engineers or architects. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that civil engineers must be licensed in most states if they’re working for the public. PayScale reports that civil engineers earned a median annual wage of $63,851.

5. Architect

Architects plan and design:
  • homes
  • offices
  • buildings and similar structures
Their time is divided between the office, where the plans are developed, and on the construction site. Architects also consult with engineers and meet with clients. To work as an architect, the candidate must:
  • earn a bachelor’s degree
  • complete an internship
  • pass the Architect Registration Examination
PayScale reports that architects earned an annual median wage of $64,637 as 2018. As you can see, there are various top-paying civil engineering jobs that can be obtained. With the right training and experience, these professionals continue to create innovations that make our society better. They earn good salaries in the process. Related Resources:

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