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Degree Programs at John Brown University

John Brown University appears in our ranking of the 30 Best Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs at Private Colleges.

John Brown University offers online and traditional degree programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. Many of the undergrad programs offer practical training to help students prepare for entry-level jobs, including the majors in electrical engineering, computer science, and marketing. The digital cinema is a unique major that teaches students how to use digital media to create short and long videos. It includes opportunities for students to work in the on-campus television station and to do internships with local studios.

The outdoor leadership ministries major helps students understand how to lead and work with others in an outdoor location. It includes a concentration in wilderness medicine too. Other majors include nursing, Christian ministry, psychology, elementary education, photography and family and human services. The Christian ministry program features concentrations in worship, leadership, youth ministry, Christian schooling and child and family studies.

Graduate students can choose from five different fields of study at John Brown University too. In the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, students can select from tracks that include healthcare administration, cybersecurity and, design thinking and innovation. The design thinking and innovation major is available as a Master of Science program too. In the outdoor program management graduate program, students learn the fundamentals of running an outdoor leadership program. The university offers a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and several Master of Education programs too. Students can enroll in endorsement tracks to change their licenses and tracks that help them get their licenses.

Two Master of Science (MS) programs are available in counseling: Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy. The clinical mental health counseling program includes a play therapy emphasis that teaches students how to use this type of therapy with patients of different ages. It also features Principles of Family Therapy, Christian Foundations in Counseling, Crisis Counseling and Addictions as well as other classes. Both programs feature two practicums and two internships also. Students in the marriage and family therapy program will take courses such as Family Systems, Principles of Marital Therapy, Brief Therapy and Professional Development and Ethics.

Four Bachelor of Science (BS) programs are also available from John Brown University for online students. The business administration program includes classes on hiring practices, employee laws, human resource management, and office technology. Students who want to get an MBA can pick a minor in business, but a separate minor is also available for non-business students. In the liberal arts major, students must choose an emphasis in communications or politics and ethics. The university also offers majors in organizational leadership and psychology as well as minors in leadership, communications, psychology and managerial accounting for online students.

About John Brown University

John Brown University is a private university affiliated with the Christian Church. John E. Brown was a minister and a member of the Methodist Church who wanted to open a new college. He established the college in 1919 as a school that offered opportunities for Christian students who could not otherwise afford to attend school. Though affiliated with the fundamentalist movement in its early years, the college later split off from that movement. The full university now provides students with rules that it encourages them to follow, including abstaining from alcohol and drug use. Also known as JBU, it has an enrollment of more than 2,600 students and ranks as one of the nation’s best colleges, according to Forbes.

John Brown University Accreditation Details

At JBU, all of the education programs have full accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). This will also cover the fieldwork components that are in some of the programs. The university has both regional and primary accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) through the north and central division. This gives any student in need of financial aid the option of completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It also allows students to submit their transcripts to the university for evaluation and to get credit for that work.

John Brown University Application Requirements

JBU only accepts incoming undergrads who meet the university’s grade point average and test score requirements. They must score a minimum of 20 on the ACT or 1020 on the SAT and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher on a standard 4.0 scale. Students must apply online and then submit both a transcript and test score. Those who submit their documents within two weeks of applying qualify for a $250 scholarship. JBU also allows students to submit an information request form online. An admissions counselor will contact the student and help him or her complete the application. The student then needs to just submit a test score and transcript.

Graduate students will need to meet the different requirements of each program. Each program requires a GPA of 3.0 or higher, but some will accept students with a lower GPA on a provisional basis. Many of the education programs ask for a score on the PRAXIS exam that students took when they became licensed teachers and a copy of the student’s license. Other requirements may include a copy of the student’s resume, a writing sample and up to three letters of recommendation.

Tuition and Financial Aid

JBU graduate students pay between $460 and $600 per credit hour. While the education programs charge the least, the business and security programs charge the most. Students in the counseling programs pay $560 per credit hour. Graduate students can make payments via credit card and through other methods online and in person. They can also apply for financial aid via the FAFSA to get government loans. Those loans include PLUS and unsubsidized options. The university offers both assistantships and scholarships for graduate students too.

Undergrads pay $27,668 each year for full-time enrollment. This does not include the $9,456 that they pay on average for room and board. JBU offers a calculator that lets students see what scholarships they’ll get based on their grade point averages and test scores. In addition to scholarships based on merit, the university offers scholarships for students in need and those with music or athletic talents. Other aid can take the form of loans, grants, and work-study. At John Brown University, students will get their financial aid package award letters before they begin any of its degree programs.

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