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Degrees Offered at Kent State University

Kent State University appears in our ranking of the 50 Most Affordable Online Degree Programs For In-State Students. Kent State University,  (KSU) , has a number of educational tracks, ranging from bachelor’s degrees to doctorates. It also offers students the opportunity to study online. Local high school students are invited to take advantage of College Credit Plus, the school’s dual-enrollment program. Popular majors include:
  • journalism and communication
  • education
  • performing and visual arts
  • marketing
  • business
  • management
Some of the more interesting degrees that Kent State University offers include:
  • aerospace engineering
  • dance studies
  • fashion design and fashion merchandising
  • peace and conflict studies
The latter major came about due to the incident on the Kent State campus in 1970, when the Ohio National Guardsmen killed four KSU students. This course of study is offered through KSU’s Center for Applied Conflict Management. US News and World Report ranked it 101st on its Top Public Schools list. It has an acceptance rate of 85%.

About Kent State University

Kent State University is located about 40 miles from Cleveland, Ohio. It has seven regional campuses. It was founded in the early 1900s and has an undergraduate enrollment of nearly 23,000 students. KSU students have an opportunity to connect with other students both in class and outside of it. KSU has several hundred campus organizations and clubs, including a vibrant Greek life program. Intramural sports gives them an opportunity to test their skills and to blow off some stress. The school also has more than 20 dining halls and even a food truck, as well as opportunities for on-campus living. Over 6,000 students call KSU home. Kent State also has a pretty cool roster of alumni. Super Bowl winner James Harrison attended the school, as did Arsenio Hall.

Kent State University Accreditation

Higher Learning Commission provides KSU with its accreditation.

Kent State University Application Requirements

All students who wish to apply to Kent State University can do so via the KSU website. Application requirements may differ, depending on the student’s status, so people who use the application guide on this page should be mindful of the fact that it’s only an overview. Some students, particularly graduate students, will want to contact the departments to which they wish to apply. These educational tracks and departments have additional application requirements. The graduate college or the academic department can give students a more complete list of application materials. Generally speaking, applicants must turn in the following materials to the Admissions Office at Kent State:
  • The school’s application
  • Any university or department application fees
  • Test scores, like the GRE, GMAT, the SAT or the ACT
  • High school or university transcripts
  • A portfolio of student work: Students are advised by KSU to contact the Admissions Office
  • Any letters of recommendation, auditions or portfolios required by individual departments
  • Any writing samples or essays required by individual departments
  • Resume or CV
  • A statement of purpose or a statement of goals (graduate)
It should be noted that KSU has some regional campuses that do not require students to submit SAT or ACT scores. Students attending junior high or high school should check with their schools before they apply to the College Credit Plus program. Online students can also apply for admittance through the KSU website. Transfer students who have completed 12 semester hours of college or fewer are asked to also submit their high school transcripts. KSU considers anyone who has attended a college or university after high school to be a transfer student. Students who meet this criterion should apply as transfer students. Guest students cannot take more than 18 semester hours at KSU, nor can they receive financial aid from the school. These students will want to connect with their home universities to inquire about both financial aid and how to transfer their credits. Kent State requires international students to meet its English-language requirements. They also need to meet  requirements for visa eligibility. The school additionally asks for international students to provide documents about their financial resources.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students attending Kent State University pay different tuition amounts, depending on their academic level and their residency status. Individual majors may cost more, too. Based on that, the tuition numbers below offer interested students a general guide to the cost of attending KSU. Residents of Ohio pay just over $11,000 per year in tuition. Additionally, these students can expect to pay about $12,000 for room and board. They should also expect to pay for expenses, like books and supplies, which can vary. Non-residents will pay just over $20,000 a year in tuition. Room and board rates are estimated to be the same for these students. These students will also pay for books and supplies. They may also have higher transportation costs if they drive or fly from their home state or country to Ohio to attend school. International undergraduate students pay over $20,000 a year in tuition. They can also count on paying about $6,000 for medical insurance and other costs. Room and board for these students will be the same as it is for other undergraduates. Graduate school costs can vary widely for Kent State students, depending on  their residency status and on which KSU campus they study at. In light of that, this guide will offer a range of prices that graduate students can expect to pay. Interested grad students should always check the school’s website to get a more exact tuition figure. Tuition for Kent State University graduate students ranges from just over $10,000 for residents. It’s up to $21,000 for non-residents and international students. Again,  be mindful that the cost of attending this university may also be dependent upon which department to which they apply. Kent State offers a tuition guarantee for most students who attend KSU. For these students, the cost of tuition, room, and board are guaranteed over the course of four years. The school offers financial aid. Almost 95%  of the freshman class gets financial aid. The school offers students:
  • loans
  • grants
  • work study
  • scholarships
People who are interested in getting financial aid should fill out the FAFSA. KSU offers both campus-based aid and federal financial aid. Incoming students can apply to Kent State University via the school’s website.

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