Southern New Hampshire University


An Overview of Southern New Hampshire University Degrees

Southern New Hampshire University appears in our ranking of the 20 Best Bachelor’s in Creative Writing or Professional Writing Degrees Online.

There are almost 350 degree programs available at Southern New Hampshire University with many of those degree options offered online through the university’s substantial online degree portal. From Accounting, Computer Science and Aeronautical Engineering to Criminal Justice and Finance, students can find a degree on virtually any subject at the university. Many of the degrees are only available online, but students who live anywhere in the United States are eligible to enroll in these degrees. Students who wish to earn a degree on campus can choose from degrees like a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Business, a Bachelor of Science in International Business, or a Master of Science in Marketing.

In some cases, the university will offer one degree through its online campus and will expand upon that offering through specializations available online. For example, the Master of Science in Marketing is available on campus, but students can specialize in Digital Marketing, New Media & Communications, Social Media Marketing, or Marketing Research Analytics when they enroll in online courses. Similarly, the university’s Master of Business Administration is available on campus in the specializations of Business Analytics, Finance, International Business, Operations & Supply Chain Management, and Project Management, but is available with many more concentrations online that include Leadership, Six Sigma Quality, Sport Management, International Finance, and Sustainability & Environmental Compliance, as well as many others.

Available degree levels at Southern New Hampshire University include bachelor’s, master’s, associate, and doctoral, and the university also offers some program certificates on campus and online. Additionally, students may qualify for accelerated programs in Sport Management, Marketing, Accounting, or Finance, which are each available in a traditional length online and on campus or through a three-year bachelor’s degree program on campus. While enrolled at SNHU, students will study under the College of Engineering, Technology & Aeronautics, the School of Arts & Sciences, the School of Education, the School of Business, the College of Online & Continuing Education (COCE), or the College for America. Students may also participate in the honors program if they choose to major in business, criminal justice, or creative writing.

About Southern New Hampshire University

Located near Manchester, New Hampshire, Southern New Hampshire University is a private school that was founded in 1932. One of the most notable features of Southern New Hampshire University is its selection of online degrees, which has added almost 70,000 students to the overall number attending the school. Around 4,000 students are attending the school on its Hooksett, New Hampshire campus and the rest of the students attend classes via online study. The suburban campus covers 300 acres and was once a for-profit business school known as the New Hampshire School of Accounting and Secretarial Science. The school would undergo a few name changes and would eventually start granting degrees when it was accredited by the State of New Hampshire in 1963. The school would become a nonprofit institution in 1968 and would expand significantly over the next half-century.

Southern New Hampshire University Accreditation Details

Southern New Hampshire University is approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education Division of Higher Education, as well as accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Some of the programmatic and degree-specific accreditations held by the school include accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs for the School of Business and the North American Society for Sport Management, which has recognized the sport management program. The Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration has also recognized the hospitality administration program. The overall university is a member of the American Council on Education and the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Southern New Hampshire University Application Requirements

Students may apply to Southern New Hampshire University for on-campus study or online study and at the undergraduate or graduate level for each type of enrollment. The undergraduate application process starts with a completed application, delivery of official transcripts from all schools attended, and completion of the school’s Electronic Attestation Form, which states that the student has graduated from high school or earned a GED. The application process for graduate school is similar and requires a completed application, college transcripts, and the Graduate Attestation Form, which states the student’s GPA in undergraduate school, as well as the date on which a bachelor’s degree was earned. Some graduate degree programs require additional documentation for admission, and graduate students must also pay an application fee of 40 dollars.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students attending Southern New Hampshire University online for undergraduate school will pay $960 per course or $320 per credit hour. U.S. service members will pay $675 per course or $225 per credit hour. Participating in the Southern New Hampshire University advantage program will cost $885 per course or $295 per credit hour. Students attending online courses for graduate school will pay $1,881 per course or $627 per credit hour. U.S. service members will pay $1,410 per course or $470 per credit hour. Traditional students attending undergraduate classes on campus will pay $30,756 per year for tuition, as well as additional money for housing, a dining plan, and other fees that will cost anywhere from $44,689 to $51,102 per year in total. Graduate students on campus will pay $1,881 per course and $627 per credit hour while U.S. service members will pay $1,410 per course or $470 per credit hour.

There are many criteria a student must meet to ensure eligibility for federal student aid. Students must be a resident of the United States and enroll in classes as a degree-seeking student. Students must also maintain satisfactory progress academically, as well as not have any defaulted student loans. Students must also have a high school diploma and have registered for the Selective Service if male and born on or after January 1, 1960. Some applicants will need to provide information on the income of their parents, and the Department of Education will determine whether the student is a dependent based on information shared in the student’s FAFSA form submission. Students will receive a Student Aid Report that will indicate the student’s Expected Family Contribution, as well as information on the amount and type of aid awarded. Students interested in one of the 349 programs at Southern New Hampshire University can qualify for federal student aid whether they will attend traditional classes on campus or earn a degree through online study.

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