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Thomas Edison State University appears in our ranking of the 20 Best Bachelor’s in Creative Writing or Professional Writing Degrees Online. Thomas Edison State University is a public university built on the idea that every student deserves the right to attend college. To meet the needs of its students today, it offers a wide range of fully online degree programs. Though students can earn one of 13 different associate degrees, most enroll in a bachelor’s degree or a graduate program. There are more than 30 bachelor’s degree programs available online that include:
  • electrical technology
  • sociology
  • English
  • professional studies
  • nursing
Its Bachelor of Business Administration programs are quite popular. They allow students to learn about:
  • entrepreneurship
  • computer information systems
  • accounting
  • management
  • finance
The university also offers a degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. It prepares students for working in some of the top government agencies. Thomas Edison State University also offers 15 undergrad online certificate programs in fields such as:
  • psychology
  • marketing
  • gas distribution
Its 14 online graduate certificate programs allow students to enhance their full degree programs. The university also allows students to earn a certificate without enrolling in a full degree program. Certificates are available in fields such as:
  • nursing
  • cybersecurity
  • project management
Its Master of Science in Hospitality Management is a popular program for students who want to work in:
  • a restaurant
  • hotel
  • any other area of hospitality
Online students must take a capstone course and some electives. Students also take courses designed to help them manage others and work with customers. Those classes include:
  • Finance and Accounting for Managers
  • Hospitality Management in the 21st Century Global Workplace
  • Technology Systems and Applications in the Hospitality Industry
Students who want to study management but do not want to work in a hospitality field can earn a Master of Science in Management from Thomas Edison State University. This accredited program can help students develop the skills needed to work as managers and recruiters and for working in human resources departments. Students can take electives from three different fields, including:
  • organizational leadership
  • project management
  • accounting
They’ll also take some required courses that include:
  • Leadership Management in the 21st Century
  • Economic Issues in Organizations
  • Human Resources Management

About Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University is one of only a handful of college and university campuses in New Jersey maintained by the state. It was established in 1972 as Thomas Edison State College. The college is named itself after Thomas Edison because he had a passion for self-learning. After gaining university status in 2015, it became Thomas Edison State University or TESU. Many credit the university with helping to revitalize Trenton. The university moved to that city at the same time that business owners and residents moved out. Some of the most historic buildings in that city are now part of the campus. The TESU campus is also well known because of the artwork it has on display. Both students and locals as well as tourists like checking out the pieces. The university now consists of five different schools. They offer programs ranging from art and business to education and nursing. Students can earn an associate, bachelor or master degree from the university. The can study either online or on its Trenton campus. It offers a number of online classes as a pass or fail option only. Students will learn on their own and take quizzes that determine whether they pass or fail. Many of its more than 18,000 students take at least one of these classes.

Thomas Edison State University Accreditation Details

TESU has regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which covers both its online and traditional programs. Students apply for financial aid because of this type of accreditation. They can also transfer credits to Thomas Edison or from the university. Other accredited programs include:
  • nursing
  • education
  • allied health
  • engineering
  • technology

Thomas Edison State University Application Requirements

The university has separate admissions steps for undergrads and graduate students. All students must follow the same steps when applying to an online program though. Undergrads must be at least 21 years old and have either a high school diploma or its equivalent. Those who are 18 years old and in the military can also apply for classes. The university has an age requirement because it offers classes designed for adult learners rather than traditional students. Undergrads can attend one of the university’s information sessions and learn more about it online before they submit an application. Graduate students must have access to the internet and strong English language skills. Students can file the TESU online application and then submit their transcripts. The university typically looks for students who have a 2.75-grade point average or higher. It also requires that grad students already have a bachelor’s degree. Most programs ask for a resume. Some programs have other requirements such as asking students to write an essay or a goals statement. They may need to submit up to three letters of professional and/or academic recommendation too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergrads will either qualify for a comprehensive tuition plan or a per credit rate. Full-time students qualify for the comprehensive plan, which charges them $7,519 per semester as a New Jersey resident or $9,967 per semester as a nonresident. The university offers lower rates for military students. Its per credit rate charges students $396 per credit hour as a New Jersey resident or $499 as a nonresident. Most graduate students pay $668 per credit hour. Those enrolled in the university’s Master of Business Administration program pay $714 per credit hour. Students pay the same rates whether they take traditional classes or online courses. Students can apply for scholarships up through the beginning of each semester, though the university recommends that they file much earlier. The scholarships available from TESU provide students with funds that can cover the gap between what they receive and what they need for college. Both undergrads and graduate students can apply for financial aid and use the FAFSA too. This will help them qualify for grants and other types of loan programs. Nearly all Thomas Edison State University students enrolled in one of its online degree programs and those applying for admissions will qualify for some type of financial aid.

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