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Degree Programs at the University of Maine Presque Isle

University of Maine Presque Isle appears in our ranking of the 30 Best Online Bachelor’s in English Degrees. The University of Maine Presque Isle offers a wide variety of undergraduate degree programs. They include seven options for students at the associate’s level and 20 options at the bachelor’s level. Both a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program and a Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) program include credits that students can transfer to any other campus in the University of Maine system. Most of the other programs available ask students to major in an education field or an area of the arts and sciences. Education majors can get the training needed to work with their future students. They gain the skills and knowledge to pass the licensing exam required of Maine teachers. They can study general education and learn about teaching younger kids up through high school students. A physical education emphasis area is also available that prepares students for teaching health and gym classes. Physical education majors will take courses that include:
  • Developmental and Gymnastics Activities
  • Outdoor Pursuits I and II
  • Structural Kinesiology and Human Anatomy
  • Physiology I and II
Students can choose from 12 majors that include practical training and help them become professionals when they graduate. The physical therapy assistant program has full accreditation. It teaches students how to assist physical therapists with patients recovering from injuries. Social work majors do internships in counseling and wellness centers or with government agencies. They learn how these workers help children, the elderly and anyone else in need. Some of the other majors available on the Presque Isle campus include:
  • exercise science
  • accounting
  • recreation
  • nursing
  • English
  • history and political science
  • mathematics
  • psychology
UMPI Online allows students to work online on degrees in:
  • psychology
  • history
  • English
It also has a program available online that lets students take classes in different subjects for free, including communications and history. This program is only open to those who do not want credit and those not currently enrolled in a degree program.

About the University of Maine Presque Isle

The University of Maine Presque Isle is a small public university. It  sits in the northeastern region of the state near its border with Canada. It was established in 1903 as a teacher training school. It became a state teachers college in 1952 and a state college in 1965. After joining the University of Maine System, the college adopted the name of The Aroostook College of the University of Maine. The new university officially became the University of Maine Presque Isle in 1971 and now uses both that name and the abbreviation UMPI. UMPI functions as both a university and a junior college. It does not offer graduate or doctoral programs. It does offer both associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs and some certificate programs.

University of Maine Presque Isle Accreditation Details

Getting financial aid is on the minds of many students today. Those who want to use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can only use it if they attend schools with regional accreditation. The university has regional accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). This  gives students the chance to use FAFSA and also get credit when they bring credits from another campus with the same accreditation. There are also degree programs available at UMPI that have accreditation, which come from organizations that include:
  • the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
  • the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)

University of Maine Presque Isle Application Requirements

UMPI encourages prospective students to learn more about the campus and to make sure that they can handle living in a remote part of the state. They can also check out the benefits of attending the university and see what programs they can study. There are only three steps that students need to take when they apply. The university has an online application and allows students applying online to other schools to use the Common Application. They can also share any information they save to their accounts on that site on their UMPI applications. Students who have never attended college before need to have their guidance counselors submit their official transcripts. They can ask that counselor or a high school teacher to write and submit a letter of recommendation also. Students who transfer from another campus and have less than 60 credits need to submit both their college and high school transcripts. Those with more than 60 credits can submit just a college transcript. UMPI also encourages students to submit their FAFSA forms online when they complete the application. This lets the university send students both their acceptance letters and information about their financial aid packages at the same time.

Tuition and Financial Aid

At UMPI, students pay one of two tuition rates based on where they lived at the time of enrollment. The lowest rates are available for Maine residents who pay $7,170 for tuition and fees of $1,160 each year. Though the university once offered discounts for students who lived in Canada or other parts of New England, those students now pay the same rate that all other nonresidents pay of $11,460 per year. The total cost of attendance with room and board added is $19,883 per year for residents and $24,173 per year for nonresidents. To help students paying out of pocket, UMPI offers a payment plan. Students pay a $30 enrollment fee and then make five equal payments that cover at least 20% of the balances due on their accounts. The FAFSA can help students get the subsidized loans that the federal government offers for undergrads. They can also apply for the Pell grant and other types of grants. Fifteen scholarships are available for traditional undergrads that include awards for those who want to work in the public services and those who meet other requirements. There are also fee and tuition waivers available for widows and the children of firefighters and other emergency services workers. There is a special program for Native American students. When the University of Maine Presque Isle receives applications from students, it will create financial aid packages that include all the benefits and awards applicable.

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