Do I Need a Degree in Marketing to Get a Job in the Marketing Industry?

Do I Need a Degree in Marketing to Get a Job in the Marketing Industry?

Saying that having a marketing degree will improve your chances of getting a job in the marketing industry is a fact. This fact can be true in almost any industry. However, just how much a recent graduate will benefit from completing 2, 4, or even 6 years of school depends entirely on the economic climate and outlook in the industry.

Some industries phase out over time. But marketing is one of those fields that will always be a focus in this competitive world where there are tons of graduates competing for the top marketing positions. Here’s what any prospective marketer should know about the benefits of completing a marketing program to earn a degree:

Supply and Demand

One thing that students learn in marketing is how economics and the useful term ‘supply and demand’ work. Supply and demand apply when referencing great marketing strategies to earn market share or to build a book of business. It also applies when you’re referring to getting a job in the field.

One factor that can truly impact a non-degree holding applicant as they are interviewing for local positions is supply and demand. The demand is typically for a college graduate who has majored in marketing or a related business discipline. Earning a degree shows the recruiters that a student can stick to something, follow it through, and grasp concepts. Since the supply of graduates is so high in the job market, the demand for job seekers without a degree is low, making competition very difficult.

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Anyone who applies for a job who has a degree in the field with little experience will be considered above someone with no degree and little experience. A marketing degree expands your knowledge and gives you a leg up on the competition. A marketing degree is also one of the more versatile options that can be used for job seekers in various industries. These major programs focus on:

  • business management
  • product management
  • sales
  • branding
  • research
  • and more

There are all types of fields that graduates can use their marketing degree in.

Marketing Yourself Through Communication

Whenever a student chooses a major like marketing, a lot of their core coursework will revolve around communications. In business, no matter what sector you’re in, you need to be an excellent communicator both in person and digitally. College is a place where students can build on their confidence and learn the strategies to make themselves expert presenters and effective communicators.

Getting Certified

There’s no law in place that states a marketer has to be licensed or certified like a professional real estate agent or insurance agent. Professional certification, however, can get professionals who want to climb the ladder noticed. Some of the best certifications are those offered by the American Marketing Association. To become a Professional Certified Marketer, professionals must have either a Bachelor’s degree and experience or at least 7 years of marketing experience.

Having a marketing degree ensures that students have the latest skills that modern marketers need to start and then advance their careers. Anyone who has a passion to work in marketing must first take the time to learn the best steps and strategies to market themselves.

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