How Can I Complete an Internship If I Earn My Bachelor’s in Sociology Degree Online?

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As valuable as hands-on experience may be, a lot of students wonder how they can complete an internship if they earn their bachelor’s in sociology degree online. Fortunately, choosing an online education doesn’t mean that you will have to miss out on internship opportunities. Online bachelor’s in sociology degree programs offer a range of options for distance learning students, from virtual internships to flexible on-site internship options.

Virtual Internship Options

One way you can complete an internship if you’re earning a bachelor’s in sociology degree online is by interning online, too. Thousands of remote virtual internships are available to students across the country and across academic disciplines, according to The New York Times.

How exactly do virtual internships work? Students check in with and get assignments from their supervisors online through email and through video call software like Skype. Sociology students who choose a virtual internship may work as mentors, research assistants, event planners and organizers of grassroots campaigns.  They find opportunities working with nonprofit charities, research organizations and established corporations.

Finding On-Site Internships Near You

Not every school will accept a remote internship for college credit, especially if the institution considers a practicum experience a graduation requirement. Often, mandatory internships must also take place on-site. However, a face-to-face internship requirement doesn’t have to be a cause for concern. One way students can complete an internship even if they earn their bachelor’s in sociology degree online is to look for internship opportunities close to home, rather than those close to a college campus where the student might never even set foot.

Different schools handle the challenge of finding internships in different ways. Your school may have partnerships with organizations across the country. It might offer resources and assistance locating approved internships near you. At other schools, it might be your responsibility to find an internship opportunity and get an advisor’s approval.

Why Internships Matter

How you choose to complete an internship while earning a bachelor’s in sociology degree online matters less than what you actually learn from the experience. Some degree programs – even online ones – require that students complete an internship, practicum or other form of hands-on work experience to graduate. Other schools encourage students to take internships as optional, but useful, experiences.

Some of the most valuable internship opportunities occur at community centers like shelters, police departments, schools and correctional facilities, according to the American Sociological Association. By working in internship roles in these settings, you can develop the kind of skills and insights that will help you apply your knowledge of sociology – and impress prospective employers in your field. You can also meet and network with established sociology professionals.

Whether you look for a virtual or on-site opportunity, you can complete an internship even if you earn your bachelor’s in sociology degree online – and the experience can only help your future career prospects.

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