How Do You Become a Hotel Concierge?

hotel concierge

A hotel concierge is responsible for being an expert guests can go to for all things local. The best concierge professionals can come through with any request that a guest may have. If you’re passionate about customer service and their local area, there are a number of steps you can take to become a hotel concierge. Typically, only a high school diploma is required. The more experience and information you gain over time, the more opportunities you will be able to take advantage of.


Before you can work in the hospitality industry, you need to earn your high school diploma. There aren’t usually jobs of this type that will ask for a college degree. You can get ahead with a degree in hospitality of hotel management, of course. Some local, community colleges may offer certifications in hospitality which will take much less time to earn. This can help pad your resume.

Focus on Tourism And Hospitality

Improving your knowledge of the tourism industry will help you excel in the field of a hotel concierge. You can usually find a number of classes at community colleges and local universities. This won’t require you to enroll in any kind of college program. Online courses may even be present in your area so take a look around and ask around to see what your best educational options will be. For some examples of what can be requested, you can visit this Forbes article.

Think About Your Local Area

When you think about the city and town that you live and work in, think about it from a tourist’s perspective. There are some important stores and locations that people will often ask about and you should consider. These could be:

  • restaurants (both upscale and every day eats)
  • fitness gyms
  • grocery stores
  • souvenir shops
  • movie theaters
  • theater district, etc.

Think about what you might ask for if you were to travel to another area and wanted to know what you should experience while you are there. Become an expert on these locations, their hours and what they offer. This way you can provide people with a great recommendation.

Finding Work

When it comes to searching for a job, you will want to stick to the hospitality industry or the tourism sector of your city. This is the kind of experience that you’ll need to be a successful concierge. Some of the more entry-level jobs that you might be qualified for can include:

  • hotel receptionist
  • local tour guide
  • restaurant manager
  • hotel manager
  • valet, etc.

Make sure to have a detailed resume on hand with you when you apply for a job. You may want to tweak your resume a bit to match it to the job you’re applying for. Include any experience you have in the hospitality industry or in customer service. References are always beneficial as well.

Becoming a concierge may take a bit of experience and some knowledge but if you work towards the career of your dreams, you can make this a reality. You will likely find your first jobs in a hotel, travel agency or cruise ship. Take what experience you can get and use that to work towards the job that you desire.

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