What Can I Do With an Online Bachelor’s in Sociology Degree?


You might be surprised at the breadth of opportunities available with an online bachelor’s in sociology degree. If you want to go on to graduate school or jump right into your profession, you can do it. If  you want to work in the social sciences or put your knowledge of social behavior to work in another industry, you can do it with an online bachelor’s in sociology degree.

Graduate School

Earning a master’s degree is just one of the things you can do with an online bachelor’s in sociology degree. Research by the American Sociological Association has shown that more than 20 percent of undergraduate sociology students go on to focus full-time on graduate school. Almost 27 percent of sociology majors choose to balance graduate school with work, the American Sociological Association reported.

Why go to grad school? In the field of sociology, a master’s or doctoral education may be required for high-level positions in research, public policy and teaching at the college level, according to the American Sociological Association.

Careers in Sociology

Few jobs, even in the fields of sociology and the social sciences, include the word “sociologist” in the job title. However, many job opportunities exist for students with a sociology education – both in the social science discipline and beyond.

One thing you can do with an online bachelor’s in sociology degree is work for a nonprofit organization in a social service and counseling role. One-quarter of sociology majors surveyed went on to do just that, the American Sociological Association reported. A smaller number – roughly five percent – of sociology graduates find work in research into the social sciences.

Careers in Other Fields

Because the knowledge you gain from studying sociology is so versatile, there are virtually no limits to what you can do with an online bachelor’s in sociology degree. Sociology majors who work in other fields often find that their well-rounded liberal arts education and their understanding of social behavior helps them succeed in a wide variety of occupations.

For example, many candidates who studied sociology as undergraduates find work in management and administrative support roles. They help ensure things run smoothly in:

  • for-profit businesses
  • offices,
  • human resources departments

Other sociology majors discover that their education has helped them gain valuable insights that make them successful in sales and marketing. Still others find jobs in the field of education, such as teacher or librarian. They can find careers in the criminal justice system as:

  • police officers
  • parole officers
  • crime scene investigators

Make the most of your education by:

  • choosing relevant courses
  • developing real-world professional skills
  • cultivating a wide range of knowledge and abilities

In this way you prepare yourself for success in grad school, in a sociology role or in a different career path. In many ways, what you can do with an online bachelor’s in sociology degree depends on your own initiative and ambition.

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