What is the Best Way to Break Into Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is a rapidly expanding profession. Nearly all businesses rely on the internet to develop their brand and market their goods or services. As a result, these types of marketing professionals are in high demand. Developing a niche is a solid strategy consistently proven effective to a person interested in breaking into internet marketing. There are four prongs associated with developing an internet marketing niche:

  • suitable education
  • focus and specialize
  • accreditation
  • network

Suitable Education

The first step in developing a niche for an effective entrance into the online marketing profession is to obtain a suitable education. Many people who want to pursue a career in this area enroll in a college or university program. A growing number of institutions of higher learning maintain specific online marketing programs, but not all do. An alternative is to seek a more generalized marketing degree as a means of laying a foundation for work online. As an aside, this is the only time when a suggestion to pursue something generalized will be mentioned in this article.

There are an array of other educational opportunities for people interested in pursuing a successful career in internet marketing that do not require spending two or four years in an institution of higher learning. These include specialized training opportunities offered by a different types of reputable organizations.

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Focus and Specialize

Once you have obtained an essential foundation in marketing online, the focus needs to shift to identifying a specialization in the broader realm of internet marketing. You need to identify a market niche that is personally interesting and requires the skill set you possess.

This type of marketing includes a considerable array of niches. These include everything from website design and development to social media marketing to content development and many other targeted options.

After selecting a niche, you need to gain a proficiency in that area. Oftentimes a person accomplishes this by initially taking on some freelance gigs. Taking this course provides an individual with hands-on experience in the niche and allows a person the ability to build a list of satisfied clients.


A comprehensive resume is crucial when it comes to gaining a meaningful entrance into the world of internet marketing. With that said, you need to do more than build a strong resume to successfully become a net marketing pro. You need to seriously consider seeking appropriate accreditations.

There are accreditations that are ideally suited to a person seeking to establish his or her self in a particular niche as a means of making a name in Internet marketing. For example, Google Partners gives a person the ability to become accredited in a number of different capacities, depending on individual needs, goals, and objectives.


Finally, when it comes to breaking into internet marketing, networking is important. Through networking, you’re able to connect with fellow travelers in the field of internet marketing. You can come into contact with professionals and businesses in need of a capable, innovative internet marketing professional.

Laying groundwork as a means of breaking into internet marketing is a must. That foundation typically is best placed when a dedicated individual pursues a specific internet marketing niche, as discussed throughout this article.

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