What Kinds of Careers Can I Pursue With A Degree in Hospitality?

What Kinds of Careers Can I Pursue With A Degree in Hospitality?

A hospitality degree allows for individuals to work in places such as hotels, restaurants, casinos, cruise lines, clubs, resorts, and various venues in the sports and entertainment industry. These places, which are centered around enjoyment and relaxation, require staff members who seek to make the customer experience outstanding. Many desirable jobs exist in this unique field.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers oversee the daily operations of a restaurant. They’re responsible for hiring, training, supervising, and terminating employees. A goal is to train employees that are knowledgeable as to how to create a satisfying experience for customers. They order food, supplies, and equipment. Restaurant managers must ensure that all employees comply with food safety and health standards. They create employee’s schedules, manage budgets, and maintain payroll records. Ultimately managers are responsible for making sure that the restaurant is managed in a way that maximizes profits. The median annual wage for restaurant managers is $52,030.

Hotel Manager

Hotel managers are responsible for ensuring that a hotel is run efficiently. They create budgets, determine the rates for rooms, approve purchases, and assign funds to various departments. They hire, train, supervise, and terminate employees. Hotel managers work with the staff to create a positive and memorable experience for guests. They coordinate activities at the front desk and help resolve customer issues as well as answer guest questions as it pertains to the hotel’s policies and services. Hotel managers inspect the hotel’s guest rooms, exterior grounds, and public areas to ensure that they are clean and inviting. Their median annual salary is $51,800.

Event Manager

Event managers oversee all the details that are necessary for creating well-organized events such as meetings, conventions, weddings, and conferences. They meet with clients to understand the purpose and the desired vision for events. They locate venues and service providers and request bids to determine the cost of the event. Event managers coordinate event services such as ordering food and making transportation arrangements. During the event, they deal with all the logistics such as preparing audio equipment and coordinating guest registration. After the event, an event manager completes payment to all vendors. The median annual salary for event managers is $48,290.

Casino Manager

A casino manager is another career option for those with a hospitality degree. They’re responsible for a casino’s gaming operations. Casino managers explain the house rules and walk the floor to monitor gaming machines and tables to ensure that gamblers and the employees are following these rules. They remove gamblers who are suspected of cheating as well as deal with guests who get into arguments. They select, train, supervise, and terminate employees. Casino managers must especially cater to high spenders which can include providing complimentary meals, tickets, and rooms. However, a goal of the casino manager is to ensure that all guests have an enjoyable time. The average annual salary of a casino manager is $77,770.

Hospitality careers, which had about 796,000 job openings across the nation in February 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, allow workers to be located in some of the most enjoyable places. Pursuing a career with a hospitality degree can bring excitement and be very satisfying for individuals who enjoy helping guests create enjoyable and memorable experiences.

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