5 High Paying Hospitality Jobs

5 High Paying Hospitality Jobs

Hospitality Jobs Offering Good Salaries

  • Flight Attendant
  • Hotel Manager
  • Executive Chef
  • Event Manager
  • Director of Housekeeping

Working in the field of hospitality can be very rewarding and fast-paced. There is always something new going on, a new client to provide for and new things to see and do. Unfortunately, not all jobs in the hospitality industry pay extremely well but if you have been in the field for a number of years and have your degree, there are some positions you can seek out. The more experience you have and the more knowledge you have, the more money you will be able to make doing the following high paying hospitality jobs.

1. Flight Attendant

This may be a job that you overlooked as being part of the hospitality industry, but a flight attendant is considered part of this field. It’s a very exciting job as it takes you to places all over the country or all over the world if you are working for an international airline. Your job as a flight attendant can vary from flight to flight. You may need to serve passengers with items they need, you may need to be a middleman for communication between the pilot and the passengers. There may be passengers that are nervous and scared and you will need to assist them during the flight.

2. Hotel Manager

The manager on site at a hotel is responsible for many different tasks that include managing all of the employees at the location and assisting customers to make sure that they are having the best stay possible. There will inevitably be issues that arise over the course of a day that involves problems that customers are having with their room or with the other amenities on site. It’s a fast-paced job that is very rewarding.

3. Executive Chef

Working as an executive chef is a great reward for someone who has been working in the hospitality and restaurant fields for many years. This is considered to be a very high honor and essentially, a manager for the other chefs on staff. The executive chef often works to create the menu for the location and will streamline the process of providing food for patrons that is hot, presented properly and delectable.

4. Event Manager

There are many different companies and businesses that an event manager can work for. You can even run your own events company if you so desire. Some of the responsibilities for this position can include scheduling an event with local venues, booking entertainment, hiring staff, hiring catering, working with decorators and much more. The type of event can vary from something like a wedding to a more corporate, conference-like event.

5. Director of Housekeeping

As the director of housekeeping, you do much more managing than you do cleaning and this is a big step up from just being part of the housekeeping staff. As the director, you will likely schedule your staff, educate and train them, inspect rooms to make sure they are acceptable for clientele, and work with the management team at your location to make the experience better for people who stay there.

If you are looking for a higher paying hospitality job that is a step up from what you have been doing in your career, these are five of the higher paying hospitality jobs that are out there. Many of these jobs will require you to have some experience in your field. A degree in hospitality or management may be required as well.

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