5 Career Options with a Bachelor’s in Accounting

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5 Career Options with a Bachelor’s in Accounting

5 Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor’s in Accounting

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Tax Examiner
  • Internal Auditor
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Financial Advisor
The field of accounting continues to grow. More and more universities and colleges are offering degrees in accounting to accommodate the demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, several well-paying jobs are available with the completion of a bachelor’s degree. These jobs can lead to higher positions later on with experience or continuing education. Here are five jobs you can get with a Bachelor’s in Accounting.

1. Certified Public Accountant

Certified public accountants, or CPAs, assist all kinds of clients with:
  • tax information and filing
  • financial planning
  • audits
Their clients range from individuals to large corporations. A certified public accountant must have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting and  CPA certification. Certification is done by examination upon completion of a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting. CPAs earn an average of $63,000 a year.

2. Tax Examiner

Tax examiners assist their clients by reviewing all tax filings and returns for:
  • errors
  • overpayments
  • underpayments
  • potential tax credits
They also ensure that individuals and companies have paid the taxes that they owe. Tax examiners are more in demand than ever. This is due to the changes in tax code at both the state and federal levels in the United States. Tax examiners may work for private tax filing companies or government agencies. They earn, on average, $42,000 per year.

3. Internal Auditor

Internal auditors work in the finance departments of various corporations. They help:
  • to ensure that tax payments and profit reportings are accurate
  • that the company complies with financial regulations
  • make improvements to processes relating to finance and accounting
Internal auditors help companies save time, money, and fines with strict attention to detail regarding these processes. They earn earn about $59,000 a year on average.

4. Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants work closely with law enforcement officials and attorneys in the areas of:
  • financial negligence and liability
  • litigation
  • investigation
During litigation proceedings, they work very closely with legal representation. They help determine damages. They also help decide on when to file a lawsuit against an individual or another company. Forensic accountants earn about $82,000 per year.

5. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors answer questions that clients may have about the health of their finances. They work with clients to plan the use and investment of their money more effectively. Advisement includes:
  • assessment and planning of insurances
  • investments
  • cash flow
They work in many other areas of finance to help clients can manage their money more effectively. This helps clients plan for the future. Financial advisors may also make suggestions for, and directly manage, clients’ investment portfolios. The salary range for financial advisors is somewhat broad, but the average hovers around $92,000 a year. A Bachelor’s in Accounting can unlock the door to many rewarding careers. Many of these can lead to higher-paid and fulfilling job opportunities in the years to come. Related Resources:

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