5 Top Paying Careers with a Bachelor’s in Accounting

5 Top Paying Careers with a Bachelor’s in Accounting

5 Excellent Careers with a Bachelor’s in Accounting

  • Public Accountant
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Tax Examiner
  • Internal Auditor
  • Financial Manager

Although a graduate degree is looked upon as the premier degree, there are several top-paying careers with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. Whether a candidate wants to work as an accountant, an auditor or an appraiser, there are several very good career choices available to someone possessing an accounting bachelor’s degree. The good news is also that these programs only take four years to complete, yet they prepare students for work in several industries and various positions. Here are five high-paying careers for someone with a Bachelor’s in Accounting.

1. Public Accountant

Public accountant is probably the most chosen career path for individuals with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. Public accountants may head their private firms or may be part of a team of accountants working for a large accounting firm. They may choose to work with a variety of clients or choose to work exclusively with just a few clients. Their duties include doing audits, compiling monthly statements, maintaining financial records or completing tax returns. Public accountants may also provide services related to international mergers, acquisitions and trades.

2. Forensic Accountant

Forensic accounting is an exciting branch of accounting because forensic accountants not only get to work with numbers, but they also use their knowledge of finances to help solve crimes. They typically work for government agencies helping to investigate criminal activities or financial compliance. Other duties of a forensic accountant include conducting tax audits, reviewing financial statements and ensuring companies comply with the law. Forensic accountants may work for accounting firms or government agencies like the Internal Revenue Service, the Security and Exchange Commission or the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

3. Tax Examiner

While tax forms may seem boring to many people, this is not the case with tax examiners. Tax examiners make a career out of working in the tax field. Also known as tax collectors, tax examiners may work independently assisting businesses and individual citizens in paying taxes, or they may work for government agencies. They collect financial data, gather information from clients and make sure the correct amount of taxes are being paid. Reviewing tax returns for omissions and errors is a huge part of their job. Tax examiners have to keep abreast of changing regulations and tax laws they can be as accurate as possible in their work.

4. Internal Auditor

Internal auditors generally work for government organizations or large corporations with the task of improving accounting practices. They review accounts and specific transactions to ensure they comply with accounting regulations, principles and laws. Their work is very similar to external auditors except their work is with clients inside a specific business. Internal auditors also make procedures and policy recommendations to top executives. An internal auditor may also be asked to investigate suspicious activities by performing interviews, reviewing accounting activities and general fact-finding.

5. Financial Manager

Financial managers have a lot of responsibilities because they’re often the individuals responsible for an organization’s financial health. Unlike some accounting graduates who may have several clients, financial managers generally work for one company. They direct investment activities, produce financial statements, supervise employees in charge of financial budgeting and reporting, analyze market trends and monitor financial details to make sure all legal requirements are met. After reviewing a company’s financial records, they research ways to decrease costs and make the company more profitable.

Accountants are expected to see job growth of six percent between 2018 and 2028 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Individuals who enjoy math and are good with numbers often find working as an accountant an ideal choice. This career allows the individual to almost constantly have challenging work with great rewards. Because of the diversity of a Bachelor’s in Accounting degree, graduates can choose from various career options.

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