5 IT Forums That Can Help You Troubleshoot Your Own Tech Issues

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5 IT Forums That Can Help You Troubleshoot Your Own Tech Issues

  • Gizmo’s Freeware Forum
  • Tom’s Hardware Forum
  • Windows Secrets Lounge
  • Wilders Security Forums
  • Tech Support Guy
Technology is taking over many aspects of everyday life. It sometimes feels as though we need an information technology degree just to exist. While IT is a growing field of both study and practice, there are many tech whizzes out there willing to help the rest. These five IT forums are free. They’re monitored by experts and easy to use for even the most novice technology user.

1. Gizmo’s Freeware Forum

Gizmo’s is one of the biggest providers of freeware software. They have also set up Gizmo’s Freeware Forum to help people use it most efficiently. The scope of the site does not end at freeware, but continues deep into any technology issue users bring to the forum. The site is broken up into a troubleshooting forum and a debate forum. While registration with the site is required to post or comment, the information from previous inquiries is available to everyone. Staff clearly post the forum rules and monitor them consistently for misconduct.

2. Tom’s Hardware Forum

Technological hardware itself used to be pretty standard. On and off switches, maybe a volume dial, and simple guidelines like “do not store near open flames.” In this day and age, the hardware is every bit as complicated as its hidden and mysterious inner workings. There are multiple inputs for multiple wires, and an endless array of buttons and dials. In the case of many of the newest products, there’s nothing but a touchscreen susceptible to an infinite amount of issues. This is why Tom’s Hardware Forum focuses predominantly on hardware issues.

3. Windows Secrets Lounge

Just about everyone will encounter an issue with Windows at some point in life or work. The version is constantly changing. And while the frequent addition of new features brings a world of possibilities, it also carries the potential for a lot of new problems. Windows Secrets Lounge holds the key to getting the most out of Windows, from resolving issues to learning tips and tricks. One of the most helpful aspects of this forum is the layout, which clearly breaks forums into distinct topics.

4. Wilders Security Forums

With so much of our data going digital, it’s necessary to have myriad ways of keeping it secure.
  • passwords
  • encryption
  • privacy
  • malware
  • anti-virus
  • firewalls
It’s easy to get lost, confused and even panicked in the realm of security technology. Wilders Security Forums is here to help. It offers security products and assistance on how to use them. There are troubleshooting forums for both the hardware and software involved in digital security. There are also informative blogs about current events and information in digital technology.

5. Tech Support Guy

When the type of issue is unclear, or it’s one of those days when everything breaks at once, Tech Support Guy offers the widest variety of forums on any tech issue imaginable. The site is clearly organized by topic and consistently monitored by professionals and experts. It’s a great place to go to do a self-assessment of the issue and see which specific forums are helpful. This site also has the most fun forums, from photo showcases to interactive games. For those who do not have an information technology degree, or as study tools for those in the process of getting one, these five IT forums should be in the bookmarks of every browser. They’re free and easy to use. They’re designed to evoke a digital atmosphere of community. If it is possible to troubleshoot your own tech issues, these forums are where you will find the solution.

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