5 Marketing Careers for Artists

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Careers in Marketing for Artists

  • Graphic Artists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Production Artists
  • Digital Artists
  • Marketing Art Directors
Marketing careers for artists allow creative persons to blend their artistic abilities with their passion for the marketing field. Commonly referred to as creatives, marketing artists are essential members of most any marketing team today. There are many intriguing careers available for artists with marketing degrees. The following five careers are among the most popular today. See our ranking of the 30 Best Marketing Degree Online Programs (Bachelor’s).

1. Graphic Artists

Artistic persons who have earned a marketing degree may want to consider obtaining a position as a graphic artist. Graphic artists are creatives of the marketing team. They’re  responsible for creating the artwork that will be used in various advertising and promotional campaigns. Persons who choose this career path can increase their employment opportunities by specializing in:
  • commercial art
  • graphic art
  • advertising
Graphic artists are not to be confused with graphic designers. Designers use the artwork created by artists to create attractive and appealing marketing messages.

2. Graphic Designers

Another great career choice for marketing artists involves graphic design. Graphic designers typically use computers to design engaging layouts for use in such things as:
  • advertisements
  • marketing brochures
  • business websites
  • other marketing materials
In addition to determining the appropriate artwork for layouts, graphic designers also work together on layouts to determine:
  • fonts
  • colors
  • graphics
  • text
  • headings
Average salaries for graphic designers in 2017 were $48,700 per year according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3. Production Artists

A marketing degree can also qualify artistic individuals for careers as production artists. Before a graphic designer’s work can be finalized, it must be checked for any concept or artistic errors by a trained production artist. In this sense, production artists can be thought of as overseers of quality control pertaining to marketing projects. Other responsibilities of these professionals include:
  • troubleshooting graphics projects and web designs
  • updating and redesigning websites,
  • monitoring the success of graphics projects

4. Digital Artists

Becoming a digital artist is also a terrific marketing career for artistic graduates. This is a highly flexible career that involves creating digital art for a variety of purposes. Depending on the needs of a company, digital artists may be needed to create digital art for a website or advertisement. Or they may be involved in creating animation for appealing marketing videos. To begin a career in this intriguing area of marketing, students will need a marketing degree as well as formal training in:
  • graphic art
  • graphic design
  • commercial art
  • animation
  • or computer graphics.

5. Marketing Art Directors

Marketing art directors are those highly trained professionals responsible for overseeing the completion of creative marketing projects. They create the vision for an individual project and direct creatives to complete the project according to this vision. Marketing art directors are typically at the top of the creative marketing team. They oversee other professionals such as:
  • graphic designers
  • illustrators
  • digital artists
Other responsibilities marketing art directors have may include:
  • managing creative budgets
  • coordinating creative activities
  • presenting final projects to clients.
To properly promote products and services, businesses must employ a large variety of marketing professionals. Are you an artistic person looking to enter the field of marketing? The five marketing careers for artists described above may be just what you’re looking for.

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