5 Online Degree Programs for Tech-Savvy Students

Tech-Savvy Online Degree Programs

  • Online Bachelor’s in Computer and Network Administration
  • Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology and Systems
  • Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science
  • Online Master’s in Computer Science
  • Online Master’s in IT Management
5 Online Degree Programs for Tech-Savvy Students
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 If you enjoy working with computers, you’re in luck. Technology is one of the industries with the fastest job growth expected over a decade, according to U.S. News & World Report. The five online degree programs below are great for tech-savvy students, and they’re among the 50 best degrees you can earn online.

1. Online Bachelor’s in Computer and Network Administration

Network and computer systems administrators oversee the daily operations of an organization’s computer networks – and that task makes their role critical to any organization that uses computer technology, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported. These professionals attain, install and maintain computer and network systems of various kinds. When those systems fail to function correctly, they’re the ones responsible for fixing the problems. Full-time undergraduate students in computer and network administration programs will spend four years studying computer programming, project management, information security and math. 

2. Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology and Systems

Chances are good that you’ve heard of the IT industry, but you might not know exactly what “information technology” means or what professionals in the field do. This industry focuses on technical solutions to business problems. Bachelor’s degree programs in information technology focus on subjects like business enterprise systems, software project management and internet application development. Earning your degree will prepare you for success in a range of tech roles, like business analyst, IT consultant and IT project manager.

3. Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science

If you’re interested in both the hardware (the parts and components of a computer) and the software (the programs and applications a computer runs) sides of technology, consider studying computer science. Through hands-on projects, you’ll learn to not only maintain existing computer software and hardware, but also to construct and develop it yourself.

4. Online Master’s in Computer Science

If you’ve already got a bachelor’s degree, take your tech skills to the next level with a master’s degree. At the graduate level, computer science programs allow students to delve deeper into various types of operating systems, software management and network and systems infrastructure. By the time they graduate – which is typically at after two years, if studying full-time – computer science students in master’s degree programs will have earned advanced credentials that can improve their résumés and marketability even more.

5. Online Master’s in IT Management

IT is another field where earning an online graduate degree is often worthwhile. A master’s degree is sufficient to qualify you for roles like systems software manager, IT architect and computer and information systems manager.

As businesses in all industries become more reliant on technology for aspects ranging from administration to manufacturing and marketing to maintaining records, the need for qualified technology professionals of all kinds is rising. For tech-savvy students, this can translate into the opportunity to find high earning potential and a wide variety of opportunities in an enjoyable career – but only if they have the right education.

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